Receive Advocacy and Representation from a Collaborative Team of Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys at Oberheiden, P.C.

Miami, FL – Federal investigations of individuals, brands, and businesses are common and more aggressive in South Florida than anywhere else in the US. When a person receives a federal subpoena or agent visits for interviews/search warrants, questions about jail/prison time, case avoidance/dismissal/resolution, licensing, and legal options flood the mind. Oberheiden, P.C. handles federal defense cases, where a Miami criminal defense attorney represents companies/individuals in trials, investigations, and enforcement/grand jury proceedings. As a result-driven law firm, it comprises decorated, accomplished, and prominent attorneys who have obtained acquittals/dismissals, secured probation and avoided prosecutions in many investigations.

Experience makes all the difference in federal criminal cases, especially when an attorney knows how to take action, break down prosecutor evidence/claims, and leverage law statutes. The attorneys at the firm have handled over 2,000 federal cases, from the issuance of subpoenas/target letters to criminal trials/appeals. They work collaboratively with carefully selected independent local counsel/consultants from across the US, allowing clients to benefit from the added insight of former FBI agents, DOJ officials, federal prosecutors, and enforcement/legal professionals with decades of experience on both sides of cases.

Oberheiden, P.C. represents a diverse clientele of corporate entities, licensed professionals, business owners/managers, entrepreneurs, board members, and public figures. Many of its clients are high-profile individuals and well-known/highly respected people in professional communities and corporate organizations under multi-state audits, international law investigations, federal jurisdiction issues, and federal law cases. Within the defense practice, a federal criminal defense lawyer Miami and their team advocate for clients facing charges under all pertinent statutes. They include compliance, drug crimes, antitrust, whistleblower claims, fraud, identity theft, and corruption/bribery in healthcare, finance, government, small/medium businesses, multinational corporations, and more.

The law firm’s approach to federal defense stems from the attorneys’ centuries of combined legal experience representing defendants, targets, and suspects. They have deep knowledge of investigative and prosecutorial processes to offer strategic, personalized, and well-thought-out action plans. They begin by explaining a client’s accusations, related/unrelated charges, why they are targets, relevant/irrelevant facts/evidence, and the risk for a criminal conviction/civil liability. Once completed, the attorneys walk clients through their indictment, subpoena, and target letter line by line to break down the allegations before hearing their side of the story.

While there are several ways to defend against federal allegations, a Miami criminal defense lawyer evaluates all possible options before building and executing strategies that account for the law, facts, and current procedural status of a client’s case. Following an indictment, trial preparation begins where an attorney explains how they use the process to position a client’s case for favorable outcomes, challenges the federal government’s evidence/investigative practices, and discusses all scenarios. From there, they prepare clients for what to expect at trial/plea negotiations, involve them in critical decisions, help in decision-making, and fiercely advocate for rights.

Schedule a complimentary case assessment by calling (305) 928-8505 or visiting the firm’s website. Oberheiden, P.C., is located at 2250 SW 3rd Ave, 4th floor, Miami, FL, 33129, US.

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