Realty ONE Group Life Style Co-Owner Robb Spearman Announces Innovative Model

Robb Spearman, co-owner of Realty ONE Group Life Style, has announced the brand’s innovative 100% commission model with a $5,000 Agent CAP, first of its kind in the Singapore real estate market. The Yearly Agent CAP is the amount an agent reaches and then is no longer required to pay the company. After the agent reaches the $5,000 CAP they receive 100% of the commission till the end of their 12 month term. This unique model is part of the brand’s 6 C’s vision: Commissions, Community, Coaching, Coolture, Connect, and Care.

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Robb explains that the 100% commission model allows agents to keep more of the commissions, providing a major advantage for agents to brand themselves and build their business. Realty ONE Group Life Style believes that this approach will help to attract and retain top talent in the competitive Singapore real estate market.

“We are excited to bring our unique 100% commission model to the Singapore market,” said Robb. “This allows our agents to earn more and invest in their business, providing them with a strong financial foundation as they grow their business. We are confident that this program, combined with our commitment to our 6 C’s mission, will make Realty ONE Group Life Style a top choice for real estate agents in Singapore.”

The 100% commission model is an essential aspect of Realty ONE Group Life Style’s commitment to its 6 C’s mission. The brand also places a strong emphasis on community and coaching, offering regular training, support and a tech platform to its agents to help them advance their careers while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The company prioritizes its “coolture”, a new vision that fosters a positive and collaborative working environment.

Spearman explained that Realty ONE Group Life Style’s focus on connection, community and care sets it apart from other agencies. The brand is dedicated to building strong relationships with clients, providing a motivating work environment for its agents, and giving back to the community through its numerous charity efforts.

About Realty ONE Group Life Style

The first international office of Realty ONE Group, the Singapore agency pioneers an agent- and customer-centric vision of real estate set to innovate the local real estate industry. Realty ONE Group Life Style is co-founded by Robb Spearman and his wife, Sock Hoon Spearman and led by Derek Lee the KEO. Robb is a serial entrepreneur with an illustrious real estate career. He has been involved in over 35,000 real estate transactions, and has won numerous awards – including the Wall Street Journal Top 50 Agent in sold units – for his business acumen and leadership.

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