Ready-to-Use Safe Android Auto Adapter With Easy Connection for Drivers Launched

The recently launched Android Auto adapter uses built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to enable drivers to use their car’s multimedia system for accessing apps, voice controls, and other features available on Android Auto. It is a wireless dongle that requires zero installation or additional accessories.

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Carsifi’s new Android Auto adapter helps drivers who want to use the features of the app on any car, even those without built-in Wi-Fi technology. The plug-and-play dongle allows them to take advantage of the full suite of Google services, including Maps, Waze, and Google Assistant. Since the dongle keeps all the features of the Android Auto app, drivers can also use voice commands to answer calls or messages, making driving safer and more convenient.

The company’s Android Auto adapter offers a more streamlined way of connecting an individual’s car to their phone. Before Carsifi, drivers would need to use wired accessories that added to the clutter on their dashboards. Carsifi’s small, sleek size and wireless connectivity make for a more organized vehicle that maintains all of the app’s features.

Another key benefit is the dongle’s capability to recognize and pair up with different phones. This feature is helpful in situations where more than one person drives the same car. By clicking on Carsifi’s Magic Button, a physical button on the dongle itself, drivers can automatically connect previously paired phones, minimizing the time needed to set up the device with every new person who will drive the car.

“I bought the device so that I didn’t always have to connect my smartphone to my Renault ZOE using a cable. With the supplied adhesive tape, I was able to attach it to the center console to save space. Android Auto runs automatically after a short time as soon as I start driving,” a satisfied customer said.

About Carsifi

Carsifi was created to allow more drivers to access the features of Android Auto even if they do not own a higher-end vehicle. The company created a device that is user-friendly, portable, and cost-effective not only to increase road safety but also to give more individuals the opportunity to enjoy the full features of the app and make driving more enjoyable.

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