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Create lightweight messaging app using Free Armia Systems React Native ChatSDK

 We know how the world has gotten onto our fingertips and how connecting has become effortless through the virtual world. Several social media platforms help you connect and communicate with your near and dear ones and make new friends on the internet. What if we tell you that we are here to present a unique platform for creating a social app that allows you to chat and connect with people all around the world? What if we introduce a new platform for creating a meeting app that enables you to make friends, sharing videos and images?

We are introducing to you Armia Systems React Native Chat SDK – a new platform for creating a messaging app for connecting with  friends, relatives, and loved ones. ChatSDK is a product from the Armia Company that welcomes you to integrate the chat apps to communicate with people from all over the world most effortlessly and smoothly. Here is more about this new messaging app platform.

The Exceptional Features of ChatSDK

The question will indeed pop up: why should you opt for creating a messaging app platform of ChatSDK. ChatSDK offers you numerous benefits that compel you to opt for chat SDK over the other messaging app builder platforms. Armia ChatSDK is an ideal platform for building messaging apps.

The ChatSDK platform helps create a messaging app that is immensely lightweight and thus, does not put excessive weight on your device. As a result, it does not make your device performance go even a little slow; instead, you will be chatting with all your near and dear ones at the same efficiency that your device had before.

ChatSDK includes React Native SDK that instills data collection data regarding device health, location, and activity. It helps you develop an app for macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

When we say you can connect and chat with friends, through chat apps built on Armia ChatSDK, you can speak and connect with many friends simultaneously. And, you can do so through the feature of the group chat of ChatSDK.

Armia ChatSDK does not require you to pay any expenses for it. You do not have to pay any charges, neither for downloading nor for using. Therefore, you can connect with your friends and relatives for free.

ChatSDK offers you the feature of connecting with people not only through chats it also allows you to video chat with others. The video chat quality is perfect and ideal, and along with video chatting, you can also send audio files through the messaging apps developed using ChatSDK. The audio chatting facility, too, is high quality which helps you connect to people ideally.

The Popularity of Armia Systems ChatSDK

We have all heard of bubble chat, haven’t we? But, did you know on which platform its developers had developed the bubble chat platform? It is through ChatSDK. Bubble chat is a popular chatting platform that uses ChatSDK for its development. Therefore, it is evident that ChatSDK has been doing a great and successful job in its field.

ChatSDK is a free and lightweight platform where you can chat with unlimited people, both one-on-one and with all of them simultaneously through group chats. So avail the benefits of ChatSDK and have your best time hanging out and chatting with people and friends from the virtual world network.

Getting Started with Armia Systems Chat SDK

Beginning with ChatSDK is a straightforward process, but firstly, you will have to ensure that you have a few installed on your device, including Firebase Setup, XCode, Android Setup, Visual Studio Code, and Node.

When you have the aspects mentioned above ready on your device, you can download and use ChatSDK for creating apps to chat and connect with all the people you want.