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Rare Pokemon Card Buyer – Collectible Appraisal And Valuation Service Updated

The recent announcement provides customers with collections of rare and valuable items with an appraisal service, offering cash for Pokemon cards, comic books, vintage toys, and sports collectibles, amongst other items.

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The updated services have been developed to meet the needs of collectors who are looking to sell their collections, offering a straightforward valuation and sale service.

With years of expertise, Collectibles Investment Group consists of a team of experts with vast quantities of knowledge when it comes to valuable collections. Able to assess rare and unique items as well as more common collections, the company can handle the appraisals and sales of various collectors’ items, from signed photos to memorabilia and card collections. A particular point of interest for the company is Pokemon cards, most of which have been in production since 1996 and have a major fan following around the globe.

From obscure Pokemon cards to vast collections, the company can offer an in-depth assessment service for rare and common collections, including excellent offers and fair cash prices on First Edition cards. Though the items are considered a modern collectible, rarer and more unusual cards can be worth a considerable amount when sold, with many collectors paying high amounts to complete their sets.

Whether the cards have been collected and carefully preserved, stored for years in an attic untouched, or are still in their sealed box, Collectibles Investment Group can help. With decades of experience in the area of Pokemon merchandise, the team will happily assess any collection and can provide an in-depth analysis and valuation, alongside a fair price.

With the latest announcement, the company continues to provide a knowledgeable and valuable service to collectors of Pokemon cards, autographed photos, memorabilia, and more.

“As a professional collectibles dealer, it’s very important to me that I build long-term relationships with experts that I can trust,” said one satisfied customer. “I hold Sean in the very highest esteem. He is a true professional with a long track record of happy sellers. I will continue to work with Sean as long as he is in the business.”

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Collectibles Investment Group
Collectibles Investment Group
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