R3X Wonders rolls out his first NFT set and collectors didn’t hesitate

R3X Wonders dropped his first NFT’s this month, and fans of the Philosopher/artist couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity. Ever since NFT’s first hit the mainstream businesses, artists, and collectors alike have been scrambling to find projects that they believe will be good long-term investments with the intention of getting in early for the highest results.

The majority of major projects at this point have consisted of huge sets and calculated marketing arrangements, developed their buzz from celebrity engagement and interesting release strategies. There are other projects that are created with the intention of bringing utility to their holders, and not just in the short term.

Collectors of R3X Wonders work who have been following since the early days of his journey know that this man would do anything to assist his fans and supporters. So when the sudden news spread about a R3X Wonders X Som3wh3r3 NFT collection, they already had an idea of what to expect.

Supporters of the budding artist/designer/video producer were eagerly awaiting any opportunity to get involved in the business and be a part of the development of his brand moving forward.

He announced early this week that “First of all, I didn’t want to do a huge launch with 10k pieces like the average project is pushing. I really want to be here for all my stockholders and considering the time I like taking on the purity of the artwork I will only be releasing a few 1 of 1 sets”

This means that these NFT’s will be much more than just art pieces on the blockchain, they will be packed full of utility, and the earlier you become a collector the more opportunities your NFT will give you access to. Launching with a ranking system up to level 33, R3x and Company have hinted at many interesting and innovative approaches.

This is no surprise given the immense talent and array of expertise that R3X Wonders has brought into the digital art space over the course of the last couple of years. It is only natural that his NFT collection will be an integral part of his overall philosophy and brand moving forward.

He said in a statement “ I will be capping off the number of pieces to 3330. So in the future, I will be launching a bigger project with various pieces. But we will not be going past 3330 total, ever.”

Given the rate of growth that R3X Wonders has been accomplishing lately, 3330 is a very small number given the scope of his brand. The collection will not be dropping at once, instead, it will be rolled out in segments as somewhat of a storyline, this means that if you want to be a part of this journey you will need to be ready as soon as the NFT’s go live. Knowing R3x’s approach, this will happen suddenly and swiftly.

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