Quannabu, Payment Network for Hemp-related Transactions, Listed on Vienna Stock Exchange

VIENNA, AUSTRIA — Quannabu, a decentralized payment network for hemp-related transactions on the blockchain, has officially been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange, as of 8th March 2022. This listing is a great indicator for the future of the industry, as it validates the need for the Quannabu platform.

Quannabu is utilizing blockchain technology to develop a fully transparent, certified, and trustworthy supply chain, as well as a secure payment solution, with the goal of addressing the financial issues that plague the hemp business in the United States and Canada. Quannabu’s vision is to build the world’s most trusted payment platform for hemp businesses globally. Quannabu’s platform will be highly transparent, with diligent know-your-customer (KYC) protocols and anti-money laundering checks conducted on all clients.

Quannabu’s token, QBU, will help to overcome hemp-related banking problems associated with the US and Canada. The token is currently available on the LA Token and Exmarkets exchanges. The QBU token will be used as a form of discount for the Quannabu Pay platform, where businesses and consumers can quickly and easily transfer verified funds. Holding QBU tokens also discounts partners’ products and transaction costs.

The Business Wiener Börse AG is a company based in Vienna, Austria. Wiener Börse AG is the region’s key infrastructure supplier and the gateway to worldwide financial markets.

The CEO of Quannabu, Steve Shearing, stated, “we are so excited to announce the listing on the Vienna Bond Exchange. It solidifies the need for what we’re doing, and we’re excited to see the long term stability inevitably securing a solid future for our company. This couldn’t have been possible without the collaboration between the Quannabu finance team, Helvetia Finvest alongside Bendura Bank.”

The details of the bond are as follows:

Finzia Sec. Quannabu N.22-27 (CH1155504819)

Issuer: Finzia Securities SARL
Market: Vienna MTF
Market Segment: Financial Sector
Type of Security: Bond
Xetra Instrument Group: BMNQ
Qualified Investor Segment: Yes
Nominal Currency: EUR
Principal Amount (for unit trading: units): 1,000,000.00
Denomination: 1,000.00
Minimum Trading Amount: 100,000.00

About Quannabu

Quannabu is a decentralized payment network for hemp-related transactions on the blockchain. Quannabu includes a payment platform called Quannabu Pay. Quannabu Pay is built on the blockchain and allows businesses and consumers to easily transfer funds without financial hurdles. Quannabu’s token, QBU, can be used as a form of payment for Quannabu’s payment platform. Quannabu also operates Quannabu Labs, a unique testing laboratory dedicated to CBD-related activities on and off the blockchain. For more information, visit Quannabu’s Website | Medium | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram

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SOURCE: Helvetia Finvest