Quality Assurance/Software Testing IT Short Course | HTML/Java Training Updated

Providing a learning solution to students with no prior IT experience, the new software testing course takes place over nine weeks. It’s tailored to housewives looking for a side hustle, immigrants, and professionals with an interest in technology.

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With the new program, aspiring IT professionals can qualify as software testers, currently one of the most lucrative IT roles. Providing a popular route into the tech industry, software testing is also known as quality assurance and involves testing the functionality of various applications. It’s an in-demand role that does not require a college degree and can be undertaken remotely.

There are twelve modules included in the course. These cover classification methods, test documentation, and developmental life cycles, as well as functional testing and test automation. Students will also become proficient in commonly used coding languages such as JavaScript and HTML.

During each module, participants are trained by leading IT experts and are given video theory lessons and short webinars they can watch in their own time. They’re also required to complete a variety of practical assignments that test what they have learned and deepen their knowledge.

After they graduate, participants can earn up to $35 an hour while working from home. They’ll also know how to answer common interview questions for quality assurance roles. Interested parties can enroll by visiting the company’s website where a complimentary trial of the course is available.

Outlining the benefits of the course, a spokesperson for the company says, “Software testing is an easy way into the lucrative world of IT. Our course gives you a pathway into this role without spending time in college. Instead, in just nine weeks you can learn online in your own time, earn while you study, and start your first software testing role immediately after graduating.”

About The Company

TestPro is an online school that specializes in IT courses for beginners. 79 percent of their graduates are hired within three months and many have secured roles at companies like Walt Disney, PlayStation, and Bank Of America.

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