QC Kinetix (Sioux Falls) Provides Regenerative Medicine as an Alternative to Surgery for Pain and Sports Injuries

Sioux Falls, SD – Research shows that there is no “one size fits all” approach to addressing pain issues. However, the first step for patients to take is meeting with an experienced medical provider for examination and recommendation of the treatment approach in a collaborative setting. At QC Kinetix (Sioux Falls), the medical provider will work with the patient to set goals for medical care and create a comprehensive, personalized plan to address pain while decreasing the use of invasive procedures and addictive medication.

While surgery may be the best option for some, QC Kinetix (Sioux Falls) brings alternative treatments that can help one avoid surgery or lessen the need for it. The clinic urges the people of Sioux Falls struggling with chronic pain or sports injuries to try their regenerative medicine treatment, a natural biologic approach that maximizes the body’s own healing power.

The clinic further adds that those who have tried various conventional treatments with little or no success may also consider regenerative medicine. The medical providers at QC Kinetix have knowledge and experience in treating various pain conditions such as knee pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, hip pain, and joint pain due to arthritis, among other conditions.

Most athletes or sports enthusiasts suffer from knee pain, torn MCL, ACL, meniscus, or rotator cuff due to sudden stretching or twisting of the knee. QC Kinetix offers an exciting alternative to knee surgery. Their regenerative medicine Sioux Falls can assist with the pain caused by that meniscus tear by reducing pain and inflammation while promoting healing. The clinic’s aim is to help community members avoid surgery with less invasive regenerative therapies.

In addition to a series of biological regenerative medicine therapies, QC Kinetix (Sioux Falls) can optimize the use of their class IV laser therapy to complement the patient’s healing process. This laser therapy in combination with the natural protocols improves pain and increases the mobility of the joints.

The Sioux Falls-based pain control clinic approaches each patient as the unique individual they are and customize their treatment regimen accordingly. Treatments at the clinic are administered in a safe and comfortable environment by experienced and knowledgeable medical providers. Patients are evaluated, diagnosed, and treated to eliminate pain or achieve an acceptable level of pain to improve the patient’s quality of life.

QC Kinetix (Sioux Falls) believes that community members in pain deserve access to the latest evidence-based treatments to address their pain and other medical conditions. This is why they provide direct face-to-face contact with patients in order to improve both patient health outcomes and overall quality of life.

The QC Kinetix clinics have helped hundreds of chronic pain patients find long-term relief without prescription drugs and invasive surgery. QC Kinetix (Sioux Falls) will now be offering a wide range of regenerative medical solutions to relieve pain, accelerate recovery, and improve the quality of life for the community of Sioux Falls.

QC Kinetix (Sioux Falls) is located at 4301 W 57th St, Suite 160, Sioux Falls, SD, 57108, USA. To learn more about regenerative medicine, call (605) 202-2900 or visit the clinic’s website.

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