QC Kinetix (Scottsdale) Offers a New Approach to Healthcare with Sports Medicine Treatment

Scottsdale, AZQC Kinetix (Scottsdale) is a clinic offering a new treatment approach for patients residing in and along Scottsdale. The facility’s therapy, regenerative medicine, is purposed to alleviate pain and improve function for sports-related injuries and other conditions, such as pain caused by arthritis.

Unlike surgeries, the regenerative medicine offered at the facility does not involve cutting into the patient’s body and can be performed on an outpatient basis with minimal downtime. In addition, compared to painkillers, the natural treatment has no addiction and fewer side effects. The organic treatment targets the pain’s cause and prevents the need for future and costly pain care. The therapies are also ideal for patients who have exhausted all other options for treating their pain.

QC Kinetix (Scottsdale) offers a variety of natural therapies, which all work on the marvel of the human body to heal itself naturally. From the patient’s own body, the medical providers are able to trigger the growth factor to facilitate healing and tissue regeneration. They also use the human body to restore damaged tissues. Natural therapies are used along with other traditional treatments to strengthen the body, which prevents the occurrences of future injuries.

By providing a non-surgical and non-pharmacological approach, the clinic improves the overall well-being of the patient. In the athlete’s case, whether an amateur or a professional, the patient will resume normal sports activities during or off-season. In addition, the sports medicine Scottsdale keeps the athlete active by strengthening the body. The therapies are ideal for athletes involved in energy-demanding sports, such as basketball, American Football, long tennis, golf, and other sports.

The new approach to pain treatment also treats damaged tissues resulting from routine and tedious tasks. Due to its ability to relieve pain, regenerative medicine improves the body function of the patient reducing inefficiency in job tasks and operations. They address knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, hip, wrist, low back pain, foot and hand, and finger and toe pain, as well as tendon, ligament, and muscle pain. The therapies also target joint pain due to arthritis.

The staff at the facility work together to provide a comprehensive approach to healthcare, addressing all aspects of the patient’s condition. The team achieves this by conducting a complete consultation and treatment.

A quotation obtained from QC Kinetix (Scottsdale) website notes, “Our natural treatments can help you alleviate pain without having to turn to surgical procedures. The treatments leverage your body’s natural healing ability, allowing it to restore injured or damaged tissue while reducing your pain.”

Appointments can be made by contacting the team at (602) 837-7246. Visit the facility’s website for detailed information about their regenerative treatment and other conditions treated. QC Kinetix (Scottsdale) is located at 9220 E Mountain View Rd, #210, Scottsdale, AZ, 85258, US.

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