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Scottsdale, AZ – The (un)predictability of life makes pain an undesired yet often unavoidable part of life. For instance, with aging comes a myriad of complications from physical decline that gradually rob people of their abilities to function normally. Medical conditions such as arthritis can also have the same effect, not to mention accidents and sports-related injuries that can turn the trajectory of a victim’s life in the blink of an eye. While pain patients would naturally prefer fast, effective, and long-lasting remedies for their conditions, standard treatments such as replacement surgeries often fall short of achieving the desired results. This is why QC Kinetix (Scottsdale) offers a better alternative – regenerative medicine.

The news of a necessary surgical procedure, no matter how seemingly straightforward, is enough to send chills down the spine of any pro athlete for many reasons. According to many first-hand accounts from injured athletes, prolonged downtime is the most daunting thing about going under the knife. While minor surgeries can disqualify injured players for a few weeks, more serious ones can rule them out for entire seasons. The good news is that the clinic’s regenerative medicine therapies offer better alternatives to these surgeries and require minimal downtime. For instance, QC Kinetix (Scottsdale) Scottsdale knee replacement alternatives have saved many injury victims the agony of waiting for several months or years without knowing when (or if) they will regain lost mobility functions.

“You can’t play the game if you can’t play with pain,” opined Emmitt Smith, a pro football legend and QC Kinetix’s partner. “During my 15 seasons in the NFL and then transitioning to my very active life after football, taking care of my body and joints has always been a primary focus for me. When I think about the longevity of my joints, it all starts with what I do today. QC Kinetix provides several different therapies that are state-of-the-art, innovative treatments, which complement and promote the body’s natural healing process so well.”

Like most other medications, analgesics have adverse side effects when used for prolonged periods. Sadly, pain patients who go this route have no option but to keep up with their unhealthy dependence, given how the pain-numbing effects are often short-lived. However, a visit to QC Kinetix (Scottsdale) can be life-changing as pain patients will no longer need to use pain medications. QC Kinetix (Scottsdale) Scottsdale sports medicine therapies are useful in treating sports-related injuries including but not limited to tendon, ligament & muscle pain, torn meniscus, runner’s & jumper’s knee, golfer’s & tennis elbow, and Scottsdale back pain treatment.

Certain medical conditions (such as cancers) or non-medical circumstances (such as lactating mothers) can deem patients unfit to undergo the regenerative therapies provided at QC Kinetix (Scottsdale). Aware of these conditions, the clinic’s medical providers screen every new patient extensively before qualifying them for the subsequent treatment stages.

Contact one of their representatives at (602) 837-7246 for a consultation. Patients can learn more about their regenerative medicine options from their website. The clinic is at 9220 E Mountain View Rd, #210, Scottsdale, AZ, 85258, USA.

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