QC Kinetix (Sandy Springs) Offers Innovative Regenerative Medicine to Treat Sports Injuries and Chronic Pain

Atlanta, GA – The rigor of high-level sports and physical activities can take a toll on an athlete’s body, resulting in knee pain, joint pain, and musculoskeletal injuries. To help athletes stay healthy and active while relieving these painful conditions, QC Kinetix (Sandy Springs) sports injury clinic offers biologic therapies to support recovery from sports-related injuries.

The regenerative medicine clinic in Sandy Springs utilizes a combination of treatments, including regenerative medicine, rest, and bracing, in aiding athletes who have been unsuccessful in finding relief from their injuries through traditional methods. They aim to aid in a speedy recovery, enabling the athletes to return to their sport in a short time.

Regenerative medicine works by stimulating the body’s natural restoration process, which leads to pain relief, improved mobility, and enhanced function. The treatment providers at QC Kinetix (Sandy Springs) use a comprehensive approach to sports injury treatment, which includes a detailed evaluation, personalized treatment plans, and follow-up care to ensure optimal results.

“Muscle pain, joint pain, and other sports injuries can be a huge hindrance to an athlete’s training and success,” said the spokesperson at QC Kinetix (Sandy Springs). “Our regenerative medicine treatments offer athletes a non-invasive solution for restoring normal function and relieving painful symptoms – without the need for surgery.”

Back pain is common among athletes, weight lifters, weekend warriors, or due to lifestyle or genetics. The QC Kinetix (Sandy Springs) back specialist can help patients experiencing this type of pain find relief so they can get back to their regular activities. The pain control clinic prioritizes offering personalized care to meet the individual needs and goals of each patient. They provide concierge-level services to ensure a smooth and seamless treatment journey, including logistical support for a successful transition from pain to lasting relief. The clinic’s medical team also frequently checks in on patients’ progress and welcomes feedback for a continually enhanced patient experience.

For many patients experiencing knee pain or with a knee injury, a surgical procedure might have been the only recommended option. However, with the Sandy Springs knee specialist at QC Kinetix, patients can avoid invasive procedures such as knee or hip replacement and experience a treatment with low downtime that helps them recover and experience a higher quality of life.

While the clinic’s regenerative treatments are suitable for different groups, for medical reasons, they are not recommended for others. These groups include pregnant women, nursing mothers, cancer patients, those with a compromised immune system or patients undergoing dialysis.

QC Kinetix (Sandy Springs) is located at 755 Mount Vernon Hwy, Suite 430, Atlanta, GA, 30328, US. Contact the pain control clinic at (770) 285-8026 or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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