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Peoria, AZ – Pain conditions vary greatly depending on their causative factors, severity, and the affected body parts. For instance, their common causes include but are not limited to injuries (such as slips and falls), accidents, sports-related injuries (sprains, fractures, strains, & concussions), and medical conditions (such as arthritis). While the least serious of such conditions often go away on their own after some time, severe ones require urgent treatment to prevent them from exacerbating as they always do when left alone. The problem, however, is that conventional medicine’s common remedies for such conditions – surgeries and pain medications – have specific shortcomings that leave victims hoping for better alternatives. QC Kinetix in Peoria, Arizona, is a solution for many patients with pain issues in Peoria and neighboring cities in Arizona.

Despite their potent pain-numbing effects, pain medications for treating pain conditions are unsustainable as they are symptomatic remedies at best. Instead of addressing the underlying causative factors of pain, these medications often only mask the symptoms, leaving the real problems to fester undetected. Additionally, analgesics expose users to adverse side effects due to their prolonged usage. The good news is that QC Kinetix (Peoria) offers a better alternative – regenerative medicine – that resolves all these concerns. The clinic’s therapies utilize the human body’s natural immune responses to promote restoration. Peoria pain patients who thought pain medications to be their only option can now look forward to kicking their harmful dependence by scheduling an appointment at the pain control clinic.

Given their associated risks, high costs, and prolonged recovery times, surgical interventions are not ideal for treating some pain conditions. This is not to mention that some corrective or restorative procedures, such as knee or hip replacements, seldom return patients to their pre-injury conditions. On the other hand, the regenerative medicine options available at QC Kinetix (Peoria) have significantly reduced risks, are cheaper, and have minimal downtimes. The clinic’s treatment providers administer all-natural biologic factors using minimally invasive procedures directly to the injured body parts to trigger and stimulate patients’ immune responses. During treatment, they closely monitor each patient’s recovery progress while optimizing treatment accordingly.

“Our clinic has a team of orthopedics ready to provide patients in Peoria, AZ, with the advanced solutions they need to relieve the constant joint pain and soreness they are experiencing. Our aim at QC Kinetix is to help you attain pain relief using non-invasive treatments that do not need lengthy recovery times or have significant side effects. We use innovative technology backed by experienced professionals and a caring team. Our outstanding treatments and unmatched services provide Peoria, AZ, patients with the best possible alternative to surgery or medication,” reads a website quote encouraging patients to try out the clinic’s all-natural therapies.

Despite being relatively younger than conventional medicine, the regenerative medicine offered at QC Kinetix (Peoria) is suitable for treating many pain conditions, including ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and Peoria back pain treatment. Pain patients can learn more about their Peoria office from the clinic’s website. A representative is always reachable at (602) 837-7246 for queries or appointment scheduling. QC Kinetix (Peoria) is located at 13128 N 94th Dr, #205, Peoria, AZ, 85381, USA.

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