QC Kinetix (Morton Grove) Offers Minimally-Invasive Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Morton Grove, ILQC Kinetix (Morton Grove) treats different types of chronic pain conditions using regenerative medicine. The pain control clinic’s treatments naturally relieve pain and other symptoms like inflammation, stiffness, cramping, and soreness. They work by quickening the body’s natural restoration process to strengthen tissues.

The treatments target pain in the back, knee, elbow, wrists, shoulder, and other body parts. They relieve the symptoms of arthritis which affect the larger joints in the legs and hands and the smaller joints like the toes and fingers.

QC Kinetix (Morton Grove)’s therapies are minimally-invasive and help patients avoid long recovery periods and high costs involving surgeries. Each patient gets a unique treatment plan based on their diagnosis to help meet their recovery needs. During treatment, the clinic provides patients with logistical support and personalized care that allows them to focus on getting better.

The regenerative medicine provider in Morton Grove has a team of experienced board-certified physicians who have treated thousands of patients countrywide. They use advanced technologies and modern equipment to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and patient outcomes.

“Regenerative medicine offers a natural alternative to painful surgical procedures and harmful pharmaceuticals. At QC Kinetix, we use this powerful restorative technique to provide a gentle but effective solution through advanced regenerative orthopedics. For those wondering what regenerative medicine is, the answer is complex. However, we can summarize it as supporting your body’s natural systems rather than overriding them.” Explains a quote from their website.

QC Kinetix (Morton Grove) offers a free consultation at the beginning of each treatment. The patient meets with one of their physicians who reviews their medical history and may perform additional tests when necessary. The results determine the patient’s condition and whether they are eligible for regenerative medicine. The staff recommends the most useful treatments and elaborates on what they entail. They track progress to ensure therapies are working as expected.

With the treatments having minimal downtime, patients can soon get back to taking part in activities they enjoy including sports, dancing, working out, or performing regular activities. The treatments are also a trusted alternative for hip or knee replacement surgery for patients who knew surgery as the last resort to finding pain relief.

The regenerative medicine Morton Grove, although suitable for different groups, is not recommended to some for health reasons. These groups include pregnant mothers, nursing women, cancer patients, patients with a compromised immune system, or those undergoing dialysis.

QC Kinetix (Morton Grove) is located at 9000 Waukegan Rd, Suite 210, Morton Grove, IL, 60053, US. To consult or book an appointment, contact their staff by calling (312) 809-5955. Visit the company website for more information on their minimally-invasive regenerative medicine treatments.

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