QC Kinetix (Lincoln) is a Premier Pain Control Clinic Using Regenerative Medicine to Treat Chronic Pain in Lincoln, NE

Lincoln, NE – QC Kinetix (Lincoln) is the go-to clinic for noninvasive pain treatments. The clinic helps clients avoid surgery as a treatment option for chronic pain and immobility caused by various conditions such as arthritis, musculoskeletal conditions, and sports injury.

QC Kinetix (Lincoln) uses a customized process depending on the type and location of the pain. The protocols use connective tissue supplements that act to help regulate the body’s own therapeutic factors together with injectable therapy. The treatment process uses supplements such as hyaluronic acid which provides lubrication, cellular matrix components which support structure, and growth factors responsible for the generation of tissue for the best chance of success with the protocol.

QC Kinetix (Lincoln) provides comprehensive regenerative medicine injections and other natural treatments that take between 6-8 months for patients to see full results. The clinic also has a wide array of natural biologics medical treatments enabling most patients to find solutions for their conditions. The pain expert uses all therapeutic options available which guide patients when making the most appropriate decision for their particular condition.

QC Kinetix (Lincoln) has a team of skilled and extensively experienced medical providers who offer exceptional services and do not just mask symptoms. Their comprehensive treatments maximize the body’s ability to restore itself from the inside out leading to improved function and quality of life.

QC Kinetix (Lincoln) uses regenerative medicine Lincoln to treat various conditions including chronic pain, hair loss, low testosterone, and more. The hair loss treatment process entails the use of the patient’s natural biologics which are injected into the scalp. This can prevent further hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The process may involve a combination of oral supplements and injections.

A fully recovered client gave this testimonial, “I visited the clinic when I started experiencing joint and lower back pain and in a few weeks it’s gone. The providers have been following up on my progress, giving tips on how best to manage the pain and now I’m completely healed. I am grateful and would recommend the clinic to anyone who has been told surgery is the only option for their pain.”

QC Kinetix (Lincoln) is part of over 150 clinics under the QC Kinetics pain control clinics franchise with multiple locations throughout the United States. The overall goal of the clinics has been to offer patients an improved quality of life by reducing their musculoskeletal pain by increasing mobility using natural treatment options.

QC Kinetix (Lincoln) is located at 575 S 70th St, Suite 310, Lincoln, NE, 68510. Call the pain control clinic at (402) 205-4270 to schedule a free consultation and examination by one of their medical providers or for more inquiries. Patients can visit the clinic’s website for more information on the providers, treatments, different conditions treated at the clinic, and testimonials.

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