QC Kinetix (Kettering) Offers Patients a Free Consultation for its Regenerative Medicine Treatments in OH

Kettering, OH – QC Kinetix is a renowned medical franchise with more than 100 fully operational clinics in the United States. The franchise focuses on offering regenerative medicine, a pain control treatment alternative to conventional surgeries and addictive painkillers. One of the clinics, QC Kinetix (Kettering), provides free appointments for its regenerative treatments.

The complimentary appointment applies to patients above the age of 18 years experiencing pain as a result of sports-related injuries and chronic related pain. The patient’s condition is examined at the consultation using a standardized procedure. By doing this, the pain control clinic ensures that it provides a personalized treatment centered on the patient’s needs. They also accept assessments conducted by different clinics.

An extract from the medical facility’s website notes, “You have taken a bold first step on your healing journey. By setting up your free initial consultation, we can design a customized care plan for you, and will be with you every step of the way.”

The QC Kinetix (Kettering) team uses the appointment to offer post-treatment instructions for effective results. Also, they take the patient through a financial breakdown and available payment options. The consultation is conducted by a team of highly experienced and motivated medical providers. The medical facility uses the session as a platform for the patient to learn more about their Kettering office.

QC Kinetix (Kettering) regenerative medicine works differently from traditional surgeries and painkillers by taking advantage of the human natural healing capability to quickly repair injured tissues. This reduces healing time, plus the treatment improves the patient’s quality of life by reducing their pain.

The medical facility’s natural therapies address different pains experienced by patients, including knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, ankle pain, and hip pain. The Kettering knee specialist provides patients with an alternative to knee surgeries and replacements through its regenerative medicine. They also offer treatments for patients experiencing pain associated with chronic conditions.

Emmitt Smith, a former professional football player, recognizes the treatment offered at QC Kinetix (Kettering). Athletes (beginners, armatures, and professionals) can use the treatment during or between sports seasons for faster recoveries. The treatment also works with traditional therapies, enhancing existing muscles and tissues and preventing potential injuries.

Contact the team by calling (937) 936-0325 to schedule for the free consultation. Visit their website to learn more about the free consultation and regenerative medicine offered. QC Kinetix (Kettering) is located at 500 Lincoln Park Blvd, Suite 206, Kettering, OH, 45429, USA.

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