QC Kinetix (Hillcrest) Brings Regenerative Medicine To The San Diego Sports Community

San Diego, CA – The physical exertion that comes with sports can take a toll on one’s body. Fortunately, the medical providers at QC Kinetix (Hillcrest) offer an innovative regenerative technology. This treatment is designed to provide relief for those dealing with sports-related muscle pain, hip pain, knee pain, and joint pain, while focusing on improving the body’s ability to heal.

“At QC Kinetix (Hillcrest), we understand the need for athletes to recover quickly and return to sports with minimal pain. With our regenerative therapies, athletes can target their specific sports-related pain and gain the fast recovery they desire.” Said the clinic’s spokesperson.

Each sport tends to use more of a particular body part. For instance, sports such as football and basketball cause stress on the elbows. With this in mind, QC Kinetix (Hillcrest) has a sports-specific therapy for elbow pain. The regenerative medicine San Diego clinic’s treatment protocol focuses on the patient’s sports needs and creates a personalized care plan that ensures faster recovery. Sports enthusiasts can benefit from this regenerative therapy, thus avoiding surgery or extensive rehabilitation.

The capacity for a football player to charge an opponent down the field depends on strong, healthy shoulders. However, continuous impacts can cause shoulder pain and decreased range of motion. QC Kinetix (Hillcrest) is proud to provide shoulder therapy to help restore strength and mobility. By focusing on the root cause of the sports injury, this therapy helps athletes return to sports faster and with less pain.

Being able to twist and turn quickly is essential for sports such as soccer, football, and basketball. Unfortunately, these sports activities can cause hip pain that can impair one’s sports performance. Luckily, patients can benefit from regenerative medicine that targets the underlying cause of hip pain and provides relief without needing surgery.

Seeing a gymnast catapult themselves through the air looks effortless. However, a lot of training and practice go into mastering such feats. Unfortunately, injuries like ankle pain can set one back from this sport. QC Kinetix (Hillcrest) has obtained a lot of success in treating sports-related ankle pain. The minimal invasiveness of these treatments allows sports enthusiasts to get pain relief faster.

The back has a structural role in the body, and athletes need it to perform their best. Injuries on the back can put a damper on an athlete’s performance. Fortunately, regenerative medicine can help with such injuries, and QC Kinetix (Hillcrest) is proud to provide this treatment. The treatment focuses on the root cause of back pain, thus helping athletes to achieve a faster recovery.

QC Kinetix (Hillcrest) is located at 4033 3rd Ave, Suite 430, San Diego, CA, 92103, US. Clients can contact the pain control clinic at (619) 614-7246 or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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