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QC Kinetix (Greensboro), a Pain Control Clinic That Offers Regenerative Sports Medicine

Greensboro, NC – Regenerative sports medicine is a new technique used to treat injuries. This technique helps in the recovery of injured muscles by stimulating the body’s natural healing process. It also speeds up the healing process by reducing inflammation. QC Kinetix (Greensboro) offers regenerative sports medicine to patients who are suffering from injuries like chronic pain and muscle pain, among others.

The pain control clinic has a team of professionals, including a QC Kinetix (Greensboro) Greensboro knee specialist, that helps patients find solutions for their pain issues through their regenerative sports medicine and techniques. The clinic not only helps patients to recover from their injuries but also helps them to prevent future injuries and improve their quality of life. On their website, clients can find testimonials of different patients who recovered after visiting the clinic and experiencing their unique treatment solutions.

Sports medicine is a field that is continuously changing and adapting. The clinic has performed research and invested in the required technology to be able to increase the standard of care for athletes in Greensboro. This can be especially important for athletes who train and play sports on a regular basis, as there is a higher chance of getting injured during their activity. The Greensboro pain control clinic believes that regenerative sports medicine offers some critical advantages over traditional treatment methods as it eliminates the need to undergo surgery, which might later cause complications.

This is what one of the patients had to say concerning their regenerative medicine and techniques. “I was having back and ankle pain and the pain medicines had inflamed my stomach lining. Then I did one treatment of the injections but it did not work. I may have needed two more before it worked. I had heard QC Kinetix (Greensboro) advertise on the radio so I called them instead of doing more injections. Their team said I would have relief that evening, and sure enough, I did! I am so happy I made that call. It has been 6 months; a blessing not to be in so much pain and not living on pain pills.”

QC Kinetix (Greensboro) Greensboro sports medicine focuses on the healing process. This means that after treatment, the body will be able to heal the injured area quickly and efficiently and help prevent future injuries from occurring. The pain control clinic also focuses on Greensboro back pain treatment, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, wrist pain, arthritis pain, and foot pain. Their non-surgical treatments are tailored to each patient and have been tested over and over to be as effective as possible.

To learn more about QC Kinetix (Greensboro)’s sports regenerative treatments, visit their website or contact their customer representative at (336) 923-4109. Their office is at 1002 N Church St Suite 202, Greensboro, NC, 27401, USA.

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