QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East) Now Taking New Regenerative Medicine Appointments

Grand Rapids, MI – QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East) has announced more appointment slots open to community members suffering from joint-related problems. The pain control clinic made the announcement as part of its commitment to touching lives and helping community members avoid the risks and complications associated with surgical procedures.

The open appointment slot is perfect for community members battling acute, sub-acute, or chronic joint pain problems. The clinic’s website noted that patients are welcome to enjoy the advantages of regenerative medicine treatments while saving themselves from the expenses and risks associated with surgeries for their joint-related problems.

Describing the treatment plan and approach, the clinic’s spokesperson noted that they offer an initial consultation meeting with patients to review their health condition and history and conduct a health assessment. Patients can also use the consultation meeting to learn more about the natural and regenerative treatment plans, eligibility, and diagnosis. At the end of the meeting, the treatment providers would have established a diagnosis and would have designed a unique treatment plan that is specific to the patient’s problem.

“Our main drawcard is access to solutions for pain, inflammation, and tissue degeneration through natural, minimally invasive treatment protocols. A regenerative medicine clinic like QC Kinetix provides several restorative and biologic therapies from a team of experienced treatment providers in Grand Rapids, MI. We customize these solutions depending on your prognosis and recovery goals so that your body can restore optimally. Why not ask us more about regenerative medical solutions in Grand Rapids, MI? The first consultation is free,” the clinic’s website reads.

QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East) is open to all community members suffering from joint pain and related conditions. The treatment providers have unique treatment plans for patients needing knee pain treatment, whether due to torn ligaments, worn cartilage, fractures, or sprains and strains. Community members suffering from back pain caused by repetitive movement, occupational hazards, or even car accidents are also welcome to schedule an appointment. Those experiencing arthritis joint pain can save costs, reduce their recovery period, and eliminate risks and complications by contacting the clinic for help.

The Grand Rapids regenerative medicine treatment offered is also available to victims of slips and falls who have suffered neck pain, hip pain, shoulder and elbow pain, etc. Those who also suffer from these joint conditions due to other reasons can schedule a time to speak to the treatment providers.

QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East) is located at 1179 E Paris Ave SE, Suite 220, Grand Rapids, MI, 49546, US and can be reached via phone at (616) 315-0166. Visit the clinic’s website for more information.

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