QC Kinetix (Grand Junction) Uses Regenerative Medicine to Improve Patients’ Quality of Life

Grand Junction, CO – Debilitating pain due to injuries causes discomfort and can cause inflammation in the area of injury, or result to limited mobility. As a result, an individual dealing with chronic pain may experience difficulty performing and completing simple daily tasks or movements, including cleaning, walking, or lifting.

Many patients experiencing chronic pain or injuries are advised to undergo surgery to correct the issue, while others rely on addictive pain medications, which have side effects. However, QC Kinetix (Grand Junction) offers a viable alternative to help treat pain without medication or surgery. The pain control clinic’s regenerative medicine treatments work by boosting the body’s restoration ability, leading to pain relief and an overall improvement in the patient’s quality of life.

“Whether you suffer from shoulder, knee, or low back pain, surgery is not your only option. If you’ve been told shoulder surgery, knee replacement, or painkillers are the only possible treatments available for your symptoms, visit QC Kinetix (Grand Junction) back pain treatment for a second opinion,” said the company representative.

Patients receiving treatment at the clinic can expect top-notch care from medical providers who are highly qualified, trained, and experienced in handling different musculoskeletal conditions. They take time to listen to the patient’s concerns, analyze their medical history, run the required tests and discuss the goal of treatment with the patient. The information helps them to determine the patient’s eligibility for regenerative medicine and generate a personalized treatment plan based on each patient’s needs.

Since the Grand Junction joint pain treatment has minimal downtime, patients can expect to be back to performing regular activities or duties, including going back to work or getting back in the field, in a short time.

QC Kinetix (Grand Junction) sports medicine is suitable for athletes, avid players, weekend warriors, and fitness gurus who are prone to sports injuries. The sports medicine treatments offered help with injuries including knee injuries, golfer’s elbow, strains and sprains, tennis elbow, and more.

Early diagnosis and treatment make a huge difference for patients struggling with chronic pain and injuries. Individuals can book an appointment to begin their journey to recovery and a higher quality of life. While regenerative medicine is suitable for different groups, it is not recommended to some due to medical reasons. These groups include those with a compromised immune system, cancer patients, nursing mothers, pregnant women, or patients undergoing dialysis.

To learn more about the pain control clinic’s evidence-based treatments, call (970) 747-5868 to speak to a customer representative. QC Kinetix (Grand Junction) is located at 2646 Patterson Rd, Suite B, Grand Junction, CO, 81506, USA. Visit the clinic’s website to read through testimonials from past patients and to view the closest QC Kinetix locations available for easy reach.

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