QC Kinetix (Eugene) is a Trusted Pain Control Clinic Using Regenerative Medicine to Treat Pain in Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR – QC Kinetix (Eugene) utilizes the very latest in natural regenerative therapies to help decrease inflammation, improve pain, and promote the healing of injured or degenerated tissues, without surgery. The clinic uses the latest natural regenerative therapies that have been proven effective for countless patients suffering from chronic pain, lack of immobility, and joint inflammation.

Regenerative medicine Eugene uses the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The treatments promote the healing of tissues and also restore function lost due to damage and defects resulting from general injuries, arthritis, sports injuries, and musculoskeletal pain.

Regenerative therapies prompt the body to enact a self-healing response. The pain control clinic treats patients with recent injuries and lifelong degenerative and disabling conditions. These treatments never try to mask the pain but aim at improving the client’s wellness, and quality of life

QC Kinetix (Eugene) has a customized plan designed to care for the patient’s specific issue depending on severity. Their procedures are minimally invasive, meaning they also come with a lower risk. Regenerative medicine does not carry any known major risks besides the usual discomfort from minor procedures such as injections. The treatments are typically 6-8 weeks long though each patient is offered individualized care to ensure they get the best treatment for different issues. Most people go back to their daily routine with no downtime.

The pain treatments at the clinic are helpful to patients who have been recommended surgery as the best alternative to pain. Patients who are constantly on pain medication and those having trouble with immobility are also great candidates for the clinic.

A happy client had this to say about the clinic, “I came in with knee pain and started care with QC Kinetix. I was just recently in Disney with my family and was able to get around without having to take pain meds. I’m now starting treatment on my shoulder because of the great results I experienced on my knee issue. I recommend this process to anyone that wants to get away from pain meds, steroid injections, and the dreaded surgery.”

QC Kinetix (Eugene) is among more than 150 pain control clinics under the QC Kinetix franchise. The clinic’s main goal is to help patients get back to enjoying life. Full results are expected within 6-9 months.

QC Kinetix (Eugene) operates a concierge medicine style that offers patients top-level care in a clean, modern spa-like atmosphere. The staff at the clinic is warm and friendly and always offers a relaxed environment and a homely experience. The style also allows the specialists to spend more time with the patients helping them recover fully.

To learn more about ways to ease pain naturally, patients can request an appointment by calling the clinic at (541) 236-3775. They can also visit their website to book a free consultation and examination and for more information on their services.

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