QC Kinetix (Beaumont) is a Leading Clinic Using Regenerative Medicine to Treat Chronic Back Pain in Texas

Beaumont, TX – There are better ways to address chronic back pain that do not include risky and invasive back surgery or the constant use of steroids and opioids. QC Kinetix (Beaumont) uses regenerative treatments that are natural, minimally invasive, and safe to address chronic back pain, pain due to arthritis, sports injuries, knee and hip pain, and other musculoskeletal challenges. The non-surgical approach helps patients to bounce back to the pre-injury state faster and more effectively since they do not require hospital admission or leave of absence from their daily activities when undergoing biologic therapies.

Patients who undergo the Beaumont back pain treatment enjoy improved function and quality of life. Conditions such as knee pain prevent patients from performing simple everyday tasks and lower their quality of life. In many instances, conventional doctors advise patients to go for knee braces, pain medication, and in the worst cases, risky and expensive surgeries. Medical providers at QC Kinetix (Beaumont) take time with the patients to unravel their medical history, run tests, and jointly craft treatment goals. The medical information gathered forms the basis for a personalized treatment plan.

In addition, the medical providers engage in continuous innovative research on regenerative medicine, which helps them to determine the best treatment protocol for each patient. Further, they do not offer a blanket treatment plan, but each patient receives personalized treatment protocols. They’re highly invested in every patient’s case and offer support from the genesis of the treatment to the end. This helps them evaluate and track the patients’ healing journey and help resolve challenges encountered seamlessly.

The company representative said, “Our regenerative orthopedic doctors undergo continuous training in their specialty areas and do extensive research to ensure that patients with joint pain receive the best evidence based therapies. Moreover, we respect every patient and work to deliver unmatched care and support for everyone.”

Sports injuries are common for athletes and other highly active individuals and can sadly keep them from rewarding and competitive sports. When not arrested early, the injuries can grow into full-blown medical complications. Luckily, QC Kinetix (Beaumont) offers natural regenerative sports medicine to patients sourcing for efficient and long-lasting relief from sports injuries. Sports medicine doctors dedicate themselves to assisting patients to recover their full range of motion without harsh treatment procedures and invasive surgery.

QC Kinetix (Beaumont) offers non-surgical treatments for fingers and toes injuries, including pain in the small joints which are highly complex to treat. Regenerative medicine offered at the Beaumont Pain control clinic treats pain right from the source and supports the body’s natural healing abilities.

To find out more about their Beaumont office, visit their website or call (409) 206-5636 to speak to a customer representative. The clinic is at 350 Pine St, Suite 350, Beaumont, TX, 77701, USA.

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