QC Kinetix (Avon) Provides Sports Medicine Treatments to Address Joint-Related Conditions

Avon, CT – QC Kinetix (Avon) is one of the leading pain control clinics in Avon and the surrounding areas. The clinic has a track record of helping community members with joint pain and related conditions live better lives using sports medicine and regenerative medicine treatments. Through its natural and minimally invasive treatment approach, the clinic has provided an alternative to surgery and heavy reliance on medication for pain treatment among community members.

Having helped many community members live freely and limitlessly, the clinic has expanded its treatment services to cover all common joint problems and related conditions. Announcing the wider treatment services offered at the Pain control clinic, its spokesperson said: “If you’re one of the millions of people suffering from chronic pain, you may be considering surgery as a solution. However, before you go under the knife, you should know that other less invasive alternatives are available. QC Kinetix offers regenerative medical solutions in Avon, CT, that can treat pain without surgery or addictive painkillers.”

With its biological treatment options, QC Kinetix (Avon) has recorded success in improving the quality of life of many of its patients while also helping them return to the physical activities they love. The clinic’s treatment approach capitalizes on each patient’s body and its self-restoration abilities. Once this is done, patients are able to achieve pain relief, with the treatments further minimizing the chances of re-injury.

Encouraging patients with joint pain and related problems to schedule a consultation meeting and visit their regenerative medicine Avon clinic, the lead treatment provider noted that their minimally invasive treatments save patients from the expensive cost of surgery, the risks, and complications associated with the procedure.

The QC Kinetix (Avon) team combines regenerative medicine treatments with other proven treatment modalities like Class IV Laser therapy to deliver relief from pain. The treatments may also be combined with traditional treatment methods for a more holistic approach to treatment.

With the range of services offered, QC Kinetix (Avon) has thrown open its doors to all eligible community members dealing with knee pain, back pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, or pain caused by arthritis. The treatment providers are happy to consult, diagnose, and establish a unique treatment plan for each patient to help them regain control of their lives and joints. New patients can enjoy a free consultation service alongside additional tests, which will aid in forming a diagnosis. The clinic ensures to provide personalized care to each patient receiving treatment to make their journey smoother.

Schedule an appointment with QC Kinetix (Avon) via phone at (860) 440-7246. For more information, visit the pain control clinic’s website or their office at 100 Simsbury Rd, Suite 208, Avon, CT 06001, United States.

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