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QC Kinetix (Austin), a Premier Regenerative Sports Medicine Clinic, Devises Comprehensive Treatment Plans for Athletes experiencing Acute Injuries.

Austin, TX – Regenerative medicine has evolved over the last few years and is becoming recognized for its ability to treat pain. QC Kinetix (Austin) uses natural treatment protocols to help athletes, performers, adventurers, hikers, blue-collar workers, and gym enthusiasts return to working, playing, or training. When they go in for a consultation, the medical providers carefully evaluate their condition, discover the root cause of the pain, and map out a plan tailored to meet their needs.

“Not only will you be treated with the highest level of service and respect, but you will learn about your condition, your treatment options, and whether or not you are a candidate for any of the therapies we offer.” – Company Representative.

Whether a patient is a professional athlete or enjoys moving around uninhibited, they need an effective way of managing their sports injuries. When the classic advice of compression, ice, rest, elevation, surgery, or physical therapy fails to see an athlete through an injury, they can visit the Austin sports medicine clinic for a better treatment option. Regenerative medicine is a broad category of minimally invasive therapies that stimulate the repair and healing of damaged tissues. In terms of sports injuries, it speeds up what the body naturally does, taking advantage of its healing capabilities. The natural treatment can be used to relieve tennis elbow, joint pain, golfer’s elbow, a torn Achilles tendon, ligament tears, low back pain, and a torn rotator cuff.

The clinic’s natural treatment techniques include rest and bracing to enhance quick recovery. Once the providers combine regenerative medicine with traditional sports injury treatments, athletes discover that they’re less prone to reinjury as the therapies help strengthen existing cartilage and joint tissues. Alongside improving athletes’ quality of life, the treatment minimizes pain/inflammation and regenerates damaged tissue. The team guides patients throughout their treatment sessions to ensure a seamless recovery process.

QC Kinetix (Austin) has biologic therapies for knee surgery, arthroscopic surgery, and steroid alternatives. Many patients discovered the clinic while searching for natural treatments for chronic knee pain, torn meniscus/ACL, limited joint mobility, and bone-on-bone osteoarthritis. With the treatments, the results include improved movement with fewer side effects and minimal recovery time, allowing athletes to walk, play, sit, stand, sleep, and train without discomfort.

Alongside sports injuries, the clinic treats athletes living with musculoskeletal pain caused by intense contact sports, sprains, recent/former accidents, physical trauma, muscle overuse, and poor body mechanics. Regenerative therapies are becoming increasingly popular for tendonitis pain, low back pain, hand/foot pain, sacroiliitis pain, and soft tissue injuries. They are also an excellent alternative where medication, therapeutic massages, and extensive physical therapy have failed to offer long-term relief.

To learn more about their natural treatment protocols, visit their website or call (512) 593-4303 to request a consultation. QC Kinetix (Austin) is located at 3801 Bee Caves Rd #140, Austin, TX, 78746, US.

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