QC Kinetix (Aurora): Embracing Sports Medicine to Improve Pain and Injury Recovery

Aurora, CO – Achieving sports excellence requires a lot of training and dedication, but even the most committed athlete can suffer from sports injuries. Luckily, QC Kinetix (Aurora)’s regenerative medicine treatments show great promise in helping athletes reduce the pain and discomfort associated with sports-related injuries. By harnessing the power of regenerative medicine, the sports medicine Aurora clinic is helping restore mobility and reduce inflammation and soreness from injuries such as golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, torn meniscus, strains, sprains, and more. Building on the therapy’s minimum invasiveness, athletes can expect a safe and speedy return to their active lifestyle.

“The aches in my muscles seemed never to go away.” Said the patient. “QC Kinetix (Aurora) provided me with the relief I needed to get back on the court. Their regenerative medicine treatment was the game changer for my recovery.”

The back provides a supportive framework for the body, thus enabling sports people to perform various activities. However, an injury affecting the back muscles or spine can cause immense pain and discomfort. QC Kinetix (Aurora) has been leveraging regenerative medicine’s power to relieve back pain effectively. They can help treat different types of back pain including acute, subacute, and chronic back pain.

Knee injuries are common among athletes of all levels and sports, with the potential of sidelining athletes for months. Most patients with knee injuries or pain have been told that surgery is the only solution. And while it may be a common recommendation, the pain control clinic’s therapies can offer a viable alternative that is safer and less costly to help patients avoid risky knee replacement surgeries.

Effects of chronic pain, including back pain, knee pain, hip pain, joint pain, elbow pain, and muscle aches, on individuals can cause limited joint movement, and make it difficult to perform regular activities or movements such as standing, lifting, bending, sitting, or walking. The treatment providers understand that this can greatly affect an individual’s quality of life. However, through their well-curated treatment plans, patients can enjoy performing normal activities once again as the therapies are crafted to meet their individual needs, leading to a higher quality of life.

Each patient receiving care at the pain control clinic enjoys personalized, concierge-level service from a respectful and compassionate team. The medical providers follow up with how the treatments are working and may make adjustments to the plan for optimal results and faster recovery.

To schedule a consultation with the trusted regenerative medicine provider, call (303) 900-8986. QC Kinetix (Aurora) is located at 1550 S Potomac St, Suite 320, Aurora, CO, 80012, US. Visit the pain control clinic’s website for more information on their services and to read through testimonials from previous patients.

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