QC Kinetix (Augusta) Share The Secrets of Its Augusta Regenerative Medicine Treatment for Joint Pain

Augusta, GA – QC Kinetix (Augusta) is a pain control clinic serving residents in and around Augusta, GA. The clinic has recorded successes working with a growing population of community members suffering joint pain and related conditions. Using its natural treatment option, the clinic has been able to help more community members enjoy a higher quality of life while returning to the activities they love.

The QC Kinetix (Augusta) team is on a mission to save community members from dependence on pain medication, which has short and long-term effects on their health and organs. Speaking on pain medication and its effects, the clinic’s spokesperson noted that dependence on medication often gives a false sense of improvement with no actual health and wellness progress. The clinic’s spokesperson added that pain medication only offers temporary relief, and the chemicals in it can harm internal organs, leading to other health problems.

The Augusta sports medicine clinic’s mission also encompasses providing an alternative to surgery, especially as the procedure is often highly invasive with high risks, costs, and chances of complications. The pain control clinic’s natural treatment solution offers patients and community members a safer option, ensuring they are duly protected from long recovery periods, pain and suffering, high costs of surgical procedures, and other complications.

The QC Kinetix (Augusta) back pain treatment team, speaking on the approach to treating back pain, a common condition affecting American adults, noted that they are open for consultations to better understand the problem and assess the patient’s health. He added that the team will establish a diagnosis as well as a tailored treatment plan that addresses the painful symptoms while providing the right building blocks for internal restoration and long-term health advantages.

Welcoming athletes and non-sport persons to the clinic, the QC Kinetix (Augusta) knee specialist noted that they treat and address knee pain and other related injuries, including sprains, fractures, and dislocations. The treatment provider noted that they offer a minimally invasive treatment approach that uses the body’s natural innate restoration abilities to provide relief and treat the injuries while avoiding complex and complicated knee surgery procedures.

QC Kinetix (Augusta) has recorded good success treating patients with various joint problems, including hip pain, low back pain, ankle pain, shoulder and elbow pain, finger and toe pain, arthritis-related pain, etc.

Patients interested in a natural and minimally-invasive treatment solution for joint pain can contact the team at QC Kinetix (Augusta) to schedule an appointment. The treatment team is available via phone at (706) 310-8863 or can be reached at their office at 3606 Wheeler Rd, Augusta, GA 30909, United States. Visit the pain control clinic’s website for more information.

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