Qatar Steel Fabrication: Custom Metal Cutting & CNC Drilling Services Updated

The recently updated services include laser cutting, bending, and CNC drilling with quick turnaround. The company works on all types of steel and metal, such as carbon steel, mild steel, medium carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum.

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Qatar Steel Industries Factory’s announcement coincides with an Oxford Business Group article that talks about Qatar being one of the world leaders in steel manufacturing and fabrication. According to the report, the country’s steel industry is growing rapidly thanks to technological advancements and highly skilled workers from all over the world.

Laser cutting has been at the core of Qatar Steel Industries Factory’s services, and the company has been offering it since it was founded in 1980. Their process effectively cuts plate or sheet metal to highly specific profiles. With high-speed laser cutting, the finished product can have tight tolerances, precision edges, and highly complex designs.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) drilling is used to create holes or geometric shapes onto a steel base plate. The size and depth of the holes are inputted into the machine that controls the drill, ensuring that the job is done with speed and precision. This is typically used for hubs, machine shafts, gear blanks, and aluminum profiles.

Metal bending is another fabrication service that the company offers. They use electrical and hydraulic press brakes to create the client’s preferred shape without welding the pieces together. Qatar Steel Industries Factory can do V-bending, U-bending, step bending, roll bending, and rotary bending, all on calibrated machines that are sensitive to the set tolerances.

Qatar Steel Industries Factory is one of the leading companies that provide CNC drilling services and is well-known for their accurate results and quick delivery time. They have partnered with several industries, and all report a decrease in material and labor costs and an increase in efficiency.

“Our clientele know us for our quality, values, and our well-established distribution channels. We have been awarded the “Golden Merit for Excellence and Quality” by the Arab Organization for Administrative Development,” a company representative said.

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