Pulse Radiology Payment Plans Shine Light on Radiology Education

Pulse Radiology now provides payment plans for their MRI programs and their CT and Mammography programs. The fulfillment of specific structured education and clinical requirements are required to become an MRI technologist, CT technologist, or Mammography tech. Pulse Radiology is leading the way in providing the best service possible for radiologic technologists seeking advanced ARRT certifications. In an effort to make becoming an advanced MRI, CT, or Mammography technologist, Pulse Radiology now offers payment plans to ensure you no longer delay your career advancement.

The Pulse Radiology payment plan is $1,300 per month for three months. Over the course of the 14-week program, trainees will cover all content specifications outlined for each modality as required by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, or ARRT.

Over the course of the 14-week program, a trainee will be able to participate in self-paced online lectures. As many know, attending class in-person can be time-consuming and require significant schedule adjustments. Pulse Radiology provides its trainees the ability to download slides from modules that can be viewed and studied at a time convenient to the trainee. A question bank containing over 1,000 ARRT registry type questions are also included, in addition to a midterm exam and a mock ARRT Registry Test. Feedback explanations are provided to students immediately after they submit their answers. A printable clinical workbook is available along with a personal clinical coordinator.

At Pulse Radiology, they know that becoming an MRI, CT, or Mammography technologist is not an easy feat and that practical, onsite clinical education is vital. There are over 1,100 clinical training sites across the United States affiliated with Pulse.

The future is bright for ARRT technologists to advance within the field of radiology. As access to MRI, CT, and Mammography exams are expected to grow with the demand for certified MRI, CT, and Mammography technologists, they are never more important than now. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for MRI, CT, and Mammography technologists are on the rise.

The Founder at Pulse Radiology stated that “Pulse Radiology’s dedicated team is invested in the success of each individual technologist that comes to Pulse for advanced ARRT certification. Pulse’s goal is to provide comprehensive MRI, CT, and Mammography education that is of the highest quality while delivering the utmost in convenience.”

At Pulse Radiology, it is understood that many students have jobs that they can’t give up. Attending in-person ARRT training without a payment plan can make it difficult for students to afford and keep up with their education. Pulse Radiology also provides other benefits beyond an education program. Students have access to 24/7 on-call support and a vast array of other benefits to taking a first step confidently in their careers.

Providing a payment plan is Pulse Radiology’s way of making education easier to attend. Those looking to earn their next ARRT credentials in MRI, CT, or Mammography can now have access to a well-structured online program at a reasonable payment plan.

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