Proptech Startup Mentorship Program For Property Technology Innovators Announced

IdeaPros is calling on aspiring proptech startup founders to take advantage of the mentorship opportunities available through its online courses. According to the company, these mentoring sessions can also lead to an opportunity to work with the company in bringing a proptech idea to market.

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“What sets our programs apart is the quality of our mentorship program,” a company spokesperson explained. “Here, you’ll get the chance to be mentored by real-life entrepreneurs who have built companies generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Right now, there’s nothing like IdeaPros in the market.”

To get access to a mentor, one can either take one of IdeaPros’ online courses or propose a business partnership with the company.

Currently, IdeaPros offers two courses: the Purpose Driven Entrepreneur, a course designed by IdeaPros founder Frederick Cary, which teaches his unique approach to entrepreneurship, and the Business Starter Pack, a program offering a deep dive into foundational business concepts.

These courses come standard with a one-on-one brainstorming session with an IdeaPros mentor, who can offer feedback on the viability of the one’s business idea or answer questions about where to get funding or how to pitch to prospective investors.

One can also get mentoring from the team by partnering with it and working together to develop a proptech app or a service. This option involves submitting oneself to an extensive evaluation process involving a series of interviews with IdeaPros’ advisory team.

A successful pitch will result in a formal offer, where, in exchange for equity, IdeaPros will take charge of the design, development, branding, and marketing of the proposed software.

Since this option was introduced, more than 350 new companies have been created, many of which are technology firms.

The proptech sector specializes in the use of technology in real estate transactions. Grand View Research expects this market to grow by a CAGR of 15.8% between 2022 and 2030 owing to rising demand for property and asset management software.

“We’re excited to work with individuals keen on bringing something new to this booming sector,” the spokesperson said.

To learn what IdeaPros can bring to the table, interested parties are encouraged to watch this free webinar:

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