Proprietary Trading Mentor Chatroom For Beginners: Reading SEC Filings Update

The latest launch from ‘My Investing Club’ (MIC) offers beginners an opportunity to learn from a panel of elite-level traders via its mentorship program while connecting with a growing community of fellow traders through the MIC chatroom.

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The newly updated syllabus includes tutorials on how beginners should use SEC filings to gain a fuller picture of a company’s history and current market standing before investing in their stocks. MIC members are provided with weekly webinars on a variety of topics as well as updates on market trends and activity.

Public companies, brokers, and dealers are required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to file regular financial statements and disclosures. The Commission is an independent government agency – in operation since the 1930s – created to maintain an orderly market. Financial professionals also depend on SEC filings to perform due diligence on potential acquisitions.

As such, MIC gives its members the opportunity to learn how to interpret the most common types of SEC filings such as Form 10-K, Form 10-Q, Schedule 13, and Foreign Investment Disclosures. Proxy and Registration statements are also explained and give subscribers a clearer view of what to look for when considering tradeable candidates.

In addition, MIC subscribers can ask the expert mentoring team questions on any aspect of day trading and receive one-to-one coaching on everything from technical analysis, hedge fund strategies, and stock splits, to short selling and sector hype and craze.

Other features of the MIC platform include a seven-hour Accelerator program – designed to give beginners a comprehensive grounding in all aspects of day trading. A state-of-the-art learning management system gives members access to a large video encyclopedia of learning resources and daily trading blueprints.

Joining the chatroom and mentorship program requires no previous experience or expertise in the stock market. MIC was founded by friends and fellow traders Alex Temiz and Bao Nguyen to offer amateurs a more affordable and accessible path toward financial self-sufficiency.

A spokesperson says, “Alex and Bao are revolutionizing trading education and setting the gold standard for what professional mentorship and education should be for day traders.”

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