Prompt Engine Pro Karthik Ramani AI Writing & Marketing Software Launched

The new software scales marketing output and enables video production with AI-generated content. Around 10,000 pre-engineered prompts are available for content creation, allowing the tool to be used to create content for any service.

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Now available to marketers, authors, and creators in the digital space, Prompt Engine Pro can be accessed via Chrome extension and create content across 20 different categories.

“You will never waste time writing prompts from scratch,” says Karthik Ramani. “You can shine in any niche with the power of AI and done-for-you ideation.”

With generative AI tools predicted to hit $36 billion by 2028, Prompt Engine Pro provides users with easier access to ChatGPT – improving output quality across diverse mediums such as blog content and video.

The tool comes with an integrated teleprompter, allowing users to create videos using AI-generated content within the application. AI-driven video production can improve efficiency and productivity for individual marketers and agencies, enhancing their workflow and broadening audience reach.

Prompt Engine Pro operates within the ChatGPT interface, creating a harmonious environment for users. The platform enables professionals to tailor their workspace based on individual preferences, creating a unique marketing environment.

Users can select a specific category before engaging with the AI tool, ranging from build to launch, optimize, scale, and coach. This framing of topics enhances the accuracy and relevance of AI-generated content, enabling businesses to deliver tailored messages to their target audience more consistently.

Template prompts play a crucial role in Prompt Engine Pro’s ability to produce unique branded content across a wide range of sectors. Businesses can customize these prompts based on their niche and product type, enabling the tool to output content that truly reflects their brand identity. By creating copy that resonates with their audience, entrepreneurs can foster brand loyalty and drive customer engagement.

A spokesperson states: “In seconds you can create email sequences, landing page content, affiliate product reviews, YouTube video scripts, SMS marketing campaigns, and more. We created categories, sub categories, prompts, and all possible refinement options to get you the best results based on our research.”

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