Programmatic Job Advertising, Automated Campaigns Platform For SMBs

The recently launched self-serve programmatic job advertising platform from JobAdX allows employers to create and manage job ad campaigns that are automatically distributed across multiple job sites to reach a wider audience.

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By providing an automated advertising process with a goal and performance focus process, the exchange increases the exposure of a vacancy to more qualified candidates searching for positions related to their expertise.

With an estimated 7.9 million job openings at any time, an employer’s job is like the proverbial needle in a haystack. Furthermore, over 75% of hiring managers say their most significant difficulty is attracting qualified candidates to a role. To help small to medium-sized businesses address these issues, JobAdX has developed a streamlined exchange that increases the chance of connecting qualified prospects and jobs.

Using programmatic job advertising, the company’s exchange allows employers to create a campaign with one or hundreds of jobs distributed across a network of leading job sites. This widespread reach incorporates categories and keywords to attract candidates who meet a role’s requirements on whichever platform they use when searching for jobs.

JobAdX’s platform gives users complete control of their advertising campaigns, including where their job is advertised, setting their advertising budgets, and tracking their advert’s overall performance. Additionally, the platform’s intuitive dashboard makes creating and managing campaigns a simple task for recruiters.

Several leading businesses currently use JobADX’s programmatic job advertising platform. Furthermore, the platform has users across the healthcare, technology, logistics, transport, and retail sectors.

Employers can also find a wide range of recruitment resources on the company’s website to help them learn more about job advertising. This includes articles on how to create better job descriptions and how to optimize their adverts.

JobAdX CEO Amit Chauhan said, “With our self-serve platform, any employer can use the power of performance-based job ads to reach qualified candidates, increase ROI, and get access to a network of hundreds of top job sites.”

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