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Profile Characteristics of a Good Entrepreneur says Amethhyyst Owner and Entrepreneur Sushant G Jabare.

Until recently, entrepreneurs were not well enough prepared, now most business universities offer courses for entrepreneurs. There you can learn a lot about what can help you become a successful entrepreneur. And while there is still no perfect entrepreneur profile, there are many features that come to the fore,  says Sushant G Jabare.

Mr. Sushant G Jabare, the entrepreneur and owner of Amethhyyst is a classic example of how it is possible to be successful in a business.

What qualities guarantee sure success?

Ability for self-control

According to Sushant G Jabare, Entrepreneurs do not like to have power over them and believe that they can do the job better than anyone else, with maximum responsibility. They create business strategies and strive to achieve their goal. If they achieve it, they immediately replace it with a bigger one. They need freedom of action, they feel confident when they hold things in their hands.

Feeling of urgency

Entrepreneurs do not tolerate inaction because it bothers and strains them. They have a constant feeling of an urgent need to develop their ideas. That is why if they play sports, they prefer individual sports because their muscles and brain directly affect the pace and the result. Their great energy pushes them to new achievements.

Feeling and concentration

Successful entrepreneurs have a keen sense of detail and are constantly looking for opportunities to achieve their goals. They master all complex activities such as planning, strategic decision-making, and the ability to work on several business ideas simultaneously.


Good entrepreneurs take things soberly and seldom look unrealistic. They want to be in control of the situation and check any information before using it. They are direct and expect the same from others.

Need for recognition

Satisfaction for good entrepreneurs brings the success of their business when this success is due to external factors. If entrepreneurs have difficult times in business, they focus entirely on their energy and resources to get out of the situation successfully. For them, the presentation of the business is more important than their own image, built-in front of the competition and the audience.

Mr. Sushant G Jabare has won many awards for his accomplishments. Some of his achievements are:

  • Amethhyyst Iconic Lounge Bar
  • Mumbai Achievers Awards 2020 – Emerging nightclub of the year
  • Covid Warrior by BMC and AVGSS hospitality and restaurants LLP
  • Young Achievers Award

Avoid close relationships

When starting a business, when resources are scarce, successful entrepreneurs rarely spend time on people’s feelings other than those that are important to achieving their goals. With the growth of the business, only those entrepreneurs survive who are able to adapt to the new conditions of a developed and more structured organization. It is they who become successful.

Emotional stability

Entrepreneurs can control themselves and withstand stress. They feel comfortable intense situations. If there are difficulties and failures, they mobilize them. They always direct the accumulated energy to some new activity for the realization of another business idea.

Mr. Jabare says, If you have good knowledge in the field of your activity, boldly take risks and as a result of your qualities and skills you successfully manage your business, then you can be said to be a successful entrepreneur.