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While email might have revolutionized instant communication among friends, family, and business colleagues, it is not the recommended format for business correspondence. National print and mail outsourcing company Towne Mailer has been handling these services on behalf of established brands across a range of sectors for over 20 years. A recent update in services to include content, design, and branding consultation opens the doors for SMEs to add extra credibility to their business mailouts while cutting the cost of in-house processes by at least 50 percent.

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Outsourcing business correspondence – letters, bills, invoices, marketing materials, statements – is a cost-effective customer engagement and retention strategy for organizations of all sizes and across all sectors. Newly updated services at national outsourcing stalwart Towne Mailer help small and mid-sized organizations maintain consistent branding and clear communication to give their customers a valuable competitive edge.

Industry statistics reveal the cost of sending a one-page business letter, when materials, labor, machines, and postage are factored in, amounts to $1.68. The tech-enabled processes at Towne Mailer cut that cost by more than 1/2.

Outsourcing marketing materials, sales flyers, and direct-to-customer campaigns also free up time among administrative, sales, and marketing teams.

High-tech commercial print and mail outsourcing helps companies leverage professional expertise so internal talent can focus on more pressing day-to-day matters.

Towne Mailer provides one-and-done efficiencies. Once customers upload their documents to a secured and encrypted website, letters, statements, invoices, and marketing materials are instantly formatted, printed, and mailed.

Fast turnaround time allows clients to benefit from streamlined mass mailouts and content of the highest professional standard.

A Towne Mailer client in the medical sector says, “Saves us a tremendous amount of time. It used to take about half a day to put together and send out letters, invoices, and other materials, but by outsourcing to Towne Mailer, now it takes five minutes.”

With the addition of content, branding, layout, and design services, Towne Mailer helps companies of every size convey the level of professionalism they need to attract and retain important customers.

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