Premium Organic Dark Italian Style Espresso For Drip Coffee: Collection Expanded

The newest listings include premium coffees from award-winning vendors, and many of the available products are also produced from organically grown beans. These Italian-style roasts are suitable for the French press and drip machines, but they can be brewed using other methods as well.

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With the newest update, GoCoffeeGo distinguishes itself from its competitors with the quality of the coffee it offers. Italian-roasted coffee arises from beans that have been roasted until they are nearly black, a process that often strips them of their original characteristics. As a result, an Italian-style roast can mask inferior, low-quality beans, says the company.

GoCoffeeGo avoids this problem by hand-selecting roasts from reputable roasters. The coffee offered on its website has gone through rigorous quality checking, and detailed information about the origin and production process is readily available.

Of its collection of Italian-style roasts, GoCoffeeGo recommends the Intensi Espresso, a Member’s Pick. This blend is one of Atomic Coffee Roasters’ classic dark-roasted espressos and has a heavy body with spicy notes, along with hints of cocoa, light citrus, and dried fruit. The Intensi Espresso is particularly suited for ristretto shots and also pairs well with milk-based beverages.

For a sweeter roast, GoCoffeeGo offers Torque Coffee’s Dark Drop, a single-origin coffee with beans sourced from the Finca Diamonte farm in Guatemala. This coffee lacks the bitter, charcoal-like flavor that dark roasts are often characterized by. Instead, it has a sweet taste with notes of dark chocolate, candied apple, and muscovado sugar.

Customers who prefer decaf options can opt for Doma Coffee’s Bella Luna Organic Decaf, a blend derived from plants grown on certified organic farms. The coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method, a chemical-free process that has the added benefit of preserving the flavor of the coffee. The resulting brew has a full, creamy body and notes of chocolate, toasted almond, and caramel.

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Founded in 2008 by coffee aficionados Elise Papazian and Scott Pritikin, GoCoffeeGo was the first online store for specialty coffee. It has since developed into one of the largest marketplaces of its kind, serving over 10 million customers throughout America.

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