Premium Brazilian Santos Coffee, Medium Roast Catuai & Mundo Novo Beans Launched

The coffee products roaster and e-retailer has extended its range of premium roasts with the introduction of a medium coffee from Brazil that produces an elegant, smooth cup with cocoa notes. This roast comes from the Catuai and Mundo Novo varietals, the latter a natural hybrid of the Typica and Bourbon plant, and the former a high-yielding cultivar with a sweet, Bourbon-esque flavor of chocolate, honey, and nutmeg.

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Boss Brew Coffee now ships free this fresh natural-certified and ethically-sourced roast, originating from the Parana and Sao Paulo region, to customers across the United States. Grown at 750-1050 meters, this coffee is sun-dried and is pulped naturally to give a unique, pleasant, and especially flavorful taste to every sip, prompting one customer to remark: “Brazil Santos has an outstanding balanced flavor and is a must-try.”

With a climate very conducive to coffee farming, Brazil produces nearly 40% of the world’s supply – more than 55 million 132-pound bags of coffee for export worldwide. In the state of Rio de Janeiro, the first coffee plantation was created by 1770, and a minor export business to Europe quickly emerged. However, Brazil’s coffee production did not take off until the 1800s – at which point it began dominating the world supply and export trade. A good Brazilian Santos today has an intense sweetness in the form of caramel and chocolate notes, big bodies, and relatively low acidity.

Boss Brew Coffee’s hallmarks are freshness and sourcing – typically from small-scale farms or cooperatives. Freshness is critically important with the milder Brazilian roasts, whose flavors are lost after weeks on the shelf. While coffees that sit on retail store shelving or in distribution warehouses are most often roasted weeks or months before being sold, Boss Brew prepares its roasts per customer order. Since delivery time is consistently within four days of roast, this ensures that customers receive the most aromatic and flavorful coffee available.

Boss Brew Coffee now features forty-three varieties of roasts, including single origin, flavored, and blended varieties – from Peruvian and Ethiopian to specials like Cinnabun and Mint. Additionally, the company offers high-end, specialty coffee equipment, mugs, and accessories. Its automatic Turkish Coffee Maker Machine, for example, has blue, red, purple, and pink color options and functions as a stylish, easy-to-use, and durable espresso maker.

One other customer commented on the Brazilian Santos: “This coffee is amazing. I love it. I can’t wait to explore all the different flavors.”

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