Practical Strategies For Educators To Improve Student Engagement Book Announced

Hacking Engagement Again provides readers with unique takes on conventional teaching methods. The book, which is available as both an eBook and paperback, lists 50 practical strategies that educators can use to spur classroom participation, increase focus, empower students, and more.

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With the announcement, Times 10 Publications aims to help busy educators address common problems in the classroom. Lack of student engagement often presents a great challenge for teachers, and this can be influenced by a number of factors. However, studies have also shown that increasing student engagement positively affects student growth, making it key for educators to encourage students to engage.

In Hacking Engagement Again, longtime teacher and author James Alan Sturtevant draws upon more than 30 years of experience in the classroom to provide teachers with 50 easy-to-follow, practical strategies that are immediately applicable in the classroom. All of these strategies also come with step-by-step instructions for easy implementation.

Sturtevant notes that student independence plays a large role in engagement, and many of the strategies outlined in Hacking Engagement Again include encouraging students to take the lead in the classroom. He emphasizes the importance of “student voice and student choice,” which can empower students and allow them to become active learners.

Hacking Engagement Again also contains a number of unconventional ideas, such as making use of technology and taking advantage of, rather than stifling, the use of social media. By being flexible and modern in their approaches, teachers can spur classroom participation and increase student motivation and enjoyment.

Like all Times 10 Publications books, Hacking Engagement Again was written by a veteran teacher with the aim of helping other teachers overcome common challenges in the classroom. The book is part of a series that covers the topic of student engagement.

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A satisfied reader said: “A great resource for teachers regardless of their level of experience in the classroom. As a veteran teacher, I found many ideas I could implement in my classroom. If you are new to teaching, this is one to have on your shelf.”

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