Portable Induction Heating Method Removes Boiler Tubes with Ease

The removal of worn-out boiler tubes has long been a difficult and costly aspect of power plant maintenance, but a cutting-edge technique from Thermo International promises to make the process safer and easier than previously possible.

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To remove a rolled-in boiler tube from a tube sheet, the company uses a specially designed portable induction heating machine to heat the section to a malleable temperature of 2500F degrees in less than two minutes. As it reaches this temperature, the tube is shrunk by the constrictive force of the sheeting so that it can be quickly and cleanly removed by a hydraulic puller while still hot.

Boiler tubes carry water into the firebox of a boiler and come out as steam. Under these extreme conditions, these tubes degrade over time and need to be replaced on a regular interval. The traditional method of using cutting torches and chisels to remove sections of the tube often causes damage that requires further welding and machining to remedy.

This new method by Thermo International saves time and lowers the risk of damage, while significantly reducing the labor needed to perform boiler tube maintenance. With minimal training, a small team can operate the induction heating machine and hydraulic puller, rapidly completing what would otherwise require the sustained labor of trained technicians.

Induction heating, Thermo International’s specialty, is a process that utilizes the electrical conductivity of metals to heat materials rapidly and precisely with an electromagnetic field produced by a coil. Thermo specially designs these coils to work with the company’s portable induction equipment for this and a range of additional applications.

With the latest portable induction heating design, Thermo International makes power plant maintenance less burdensome to facilities, allowing them to maintain safe and efficient operations more easily than before.

Jeff Weinacker, a spokesperson for the company, shared that “at Thermo International, we build the best-performing products and machines for our diverse clientele. Our many years of engineering and field experience create the highest quality, most versatile induction heating machines on the market, and we support our products with top-notch service.”

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