Portable Ankle & Knee Pain Relief Device With Bluetooth For Athletes Announced

The recently added wireless TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy device, is the first FDA-cleared app-controlled pain relief device that is equipped with patented mechanical wings for 360-degree rotation and optimal usability.

More information is available at https://deskjockeystore.com/collections/full-body/products/wireless-tens-unit-stimulator-by-itens-bluetooth-enabled-tens-device-with-free-app-for-back-pain-knee-pain-and-other-joint-relief-patented-mechanical-wings-and-rechargeable-battery

Following the announcement, Desk Jockey recommends the physiotherapy tool to active individuals and athletes given its portability, allowing them to use it at home, at work, or while traveling. Through the iOs and Android app, users can choose stimulation frequency and duration based on their pain level or area of discomfort, as well as customize their own program. Through the iTENS app, users can also track and report pain, and measure therapy progress.

The wireless device is Bluetooth enabled and comes with a rechargeable battery. It works by stimulating nerves and intercepting signals to the brain to promote the release of endorphins, the body’s natural analgesic, without any side effects. In addition to addressing knee and ankle pain, it can be used in conjunction with physical, occupational, and rehabilitative therapies to reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

The CDC estimates that currently, around 50 million adults experience chronic pain in the US alone, with 17.1 reporting high-impact pain that significantly restricted their daily activities in 2021 alone. Using low-voltage currents, the TENs therapy tool delivers electric impulses to the surface of the skin, blocking nerve signals that would otherwise manifest as discomfort. As such, sufferers of chronic pain can use the device to alleviate symptoms to avoid undergoing invasive surgery.

The device can also be used for sports and strain-related injuries to support blood circulation, aiding recovery. Equipped with thin flexible wings with laser-printed silver conductive surface, the device provides relief from acute and chronic pain without the need for drugs or surgical procedures.

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More information can be found by visiting https://deskjockeystore.com/collections/full-body/products/wireless-tens-unit-stimulator-by-itens-bluetooth-enabled-tens-device-with-free-app-for-back-pain-knee-pain-and-other-joint-relief-patented-mechanical-wings-and-rechargeable-battery

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