Popular Gaming Creator Blickystix was able to 10x his Facebook gaming views using TikTok

The Gaming industry grows by the day. Many influencers are popping up on all sorts of platforms trying to grow their stream and blow up on Twitch or Youtube. Not many are taking advantage of TikTok as they should be. BlickyStix is a popular Gaming Influencer on TikTok with a large following. He has recently stepped back into the Facebook Gaming space and has been successful in creating a huge following on TikTok using creative/viral content that he was able to craft and use to his advantage in order to come back to the streaming world and dominate Facebook Gaming.

Originally a lot of streamers have a tough time building an audience and creating a community on streaming platforms like Twitch or Facebook gaming alone. BlickyStix came to a realization that he needed to build a name for himself in an entirely new way. So, what got Stix to start creating content on TikTok in the first place? “Well back when I had originally started streaming on Facebook gaming I had been doing pretty good up until I switched from Fortnite to Warzone. from then on it always felt like it was me against the algorithm and rather than this being the end of Blickystix and sitting there complaining about how the algorithm was screwing me, I took matters into my own hands.

so I stopped streaming and developed a plan that is still in effect and is continuing to prove it’s working. I started making content on and for TikTok every day getting better and understanding what would work and what wouldn’t, how to use trends and take advantage of the growing platform to build a huge audience and figure out how to make content that was really showing personality as well as going viral. This was why I started to create on TikTok. It was the first part of my plan, the most essential piece.“ Content Creator BlickyStix explained. Stix saw this as an opportunity to take another approach to start growing a huge community and leverage it in just the ways he needed in order to start streaming with a base of fans that came from his TikTok videos. This was incredibly essential as he was able to overcome a hurdle that most streamers would simply let defeat them.

Blickystix is constantly trying to improve his videos from knowing what consumers want. One thing he mentioned about tips for new content creators on TikTok was, “I always get the same question, and it’s an important one, it’s always.”Hey, Blicky do you have any advice for new streamers?” and I always answer it the same way. The best way to start streaming is to not stream… What I mean by that is you need to build an audience somewhere else and create that core base. Lucky for you it’s never been easier than with TikTok, TikTok is the key. Don’t waste your time streaming to nobody. People will stream for hours on end streaming for 5-10 people and consider it a grind. They need to be creating content and building their fan base first so they can bring that to the platform of their choice, in my case being Facebook Gaming. I tell them this because it’s advice that I’ve taken, and am still taking as I’m saying this to you.” This advice is essential, especially to new streamers who just go by every day and stream without building what Stix calls a “core base.” Without this, it is extremely hard to grow as a streamer and that’s why TikTok is so amazing. It allows someone to grow a fan base from nothing as long as you’re making good content and staying within your niche, it just takes consistency and overall good content.

“This is just the beginning. I literally just started streaming again and it’s already showing amazing results. I have been able to get up to 10 times the amount of viewers and engagement I was getting before TikTok by bringing people over to the Facebook Gaming platform. These people would never be on the app originally. So I ask myself what is to going to come in 2-5 months of doing this? I’ll let you think about that one.” Said BlickyStix. Even just barely getting back into streaming he has been able to successfully gain a larger audience than before on Facebook gaming using his TikTok fan base. This has led to Stix being able to position himself as a high-value streamer/content creator on Facebook Gaming. This proves that the use of TikTok can be absolutely lethal in any niche or leveraged onto any other platform such as Facebook Gaming. BlickyStix has done an amazing job at using TikTok to his advantage. When asked if he had any other good tips, Stix had said he almost forgot to mention a tool that has immensely helped him bring over his fans from TikTok onto his Facebook stream. “With the new live feature that I’ve been exclusively granted access to from TikTok, I’m able to obtain anywhere from  200-1000 concurrent viewers on my TikTok live stream and bring a good fraction of them over to Facebook. For example with 100+ people that watch, 20 of them might stay and 4 of them will stay and become part of the Stix Community.” The new Live feature they added is something he has been using as an insanely helpful tool. This was probably one of the main things that allowed BlickyStix to siphon views from his TikTok to Facebook especially already being an established creator on Tik Tok. It’ll be interesting to see how this story continues and see his growth on Facebook Gaming.

Ever since Stix left Facebook Gaming the first time, he started to develop a plan that would allow him to absolutely dominate his comeback to Facebook Gaming. His execution using TikTok to build a massive audience with his content has allowed him to start streaming again with 10x the number of viewers and engagement he previously had when streaming on Facebook Gaming without TikTok. This is why he stresses the use of TikTok for streamers and any and every other type of content creator. For BlickyStix this may just be the beginning of his plan, but the results are proving that his plan has been working and in these next few months we’ll see more results as he continues this path. If you want to check out some of BlickyStix’s content go to his TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook below. 

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