Polymer Chemistry Innovations (PCI) Awards the Women in STEM Scholarship 2022

With over 200 applications from women around the globe, Polymer Chemistry Innovations (PCI) has chosen the recipient of their 2022 Women in STEM Scholarship. We are thrilled to announce Joanna Scheidt as the recipient of this award. Polymer Chemistry Innovations will be giving $2,000 towards her education. Congratulations Joanna on this accomplishment!

Joanna speaks about her passion for STEM in her application: “STEM education creates an environment of ingenuity and creativity which are essential for our development and growth. It encourages students to embrace failure as part of the learning process instead of emphasizing perfection… This scholarship money would make it possible for me to receive my degree and allow my life to impact the world around me as a registered nurse. I plan on doing this by traveling on medical mission trips to third-world countries to provide care and education on basic healthcare principles, including the prevention of the spread of infection and disease so that these people can be best prepared if the worst happens.”

“Whether it’s while attending a trade show or conference, or working in collaboration with another company, we often find that the female representatives of PCI are some of the only women at the table. We hope to play a part in fixing this imbalance by supporting the STEM education of women through this scholarship,” said Carly Mahl, Executive Director of PCI.

Polymer Chemistry Innovations is a monomer and polymer manufacturer, focusing on producing materials that present technological advantages to many industries. While working as a professor of polymer science, our founder saw an opportunity to capitalize on a niche market by developing a novel process of producing poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline), while remaining cost effective for customers.

For more information about Polymer Chemistry Innovations, please visit their website: https://www.polychemistry.com/

Contact for Media Inquiries

Carly Mahl

Executive Director

Polymer Chemistry Innovations, Inc.
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