Pollen Allergy Testing | Turnkey AIT Services For Ophthalmology Clinics Updated

With its latest announcement, AccuRX Allergy Services offers comprehensive testing and allergen immunotherapy (AIT) programs for medical practices of all sizes, with no upfront costs or ongoing expenses. The new services are available to ophthalmology, pulmonary, and dermatology clinics, as well as primary and urgent care facilities.

More details can be found at https://services.incliniclabs.com/accurx/

The company’s updated turnkey allergy solutions include the provision of clinical technicians, equipment, and administration services. Working collaboratively with healthcare providers, AccuRX Allergy Services’ operations are tailored to meet the needs of each organization.

According to NCBI research, the prevalence of allergies has been rising and it now affects almost half of the US population. Recent statistics show that 45.2% of Americans have respiratory allergies, 41.1% have skin allergies, and 33.9% suffer from food allergies.

With the latest tests and immunotherapy treatment tools, the company helps healthcare providers identify triggers and provide long-term relief from allergies for their patients. “The turnkey allergy services at AccuRX Allergy Services will enable your practice to treat the root cause of your patient’s allergies instead of fruitlessly combating the symptoms,” said a company representative.

The allergy technicians undertake both skin and blood testing. Tests will reveal triggers from all allergen groups including pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and latex rubber.

Following diagnosis, AccuRX Allergy Services helps clinics to implement home treatment programs. These include allergen immunotherapy (AIT) – the administration of gradually increasing doses of allergy shots to decrease the patient’s symptoms and allergen sensitivity.

In addition to its testing and treatment programs, the company provides training to familiarize administrative and clinical staff with allergy service procedures. The team also supports medical centers with the documentation filing, billing, and coding involved in implementing its new services.

Founded in 2015, AccuRX Allergy Services provides allergy solutions for both small and multi-specialty clinics throughout the USA. The company’s clients range from internal medicine and ENT clinics to walk-in and family care centers.

A spokesperson for the company said: “AccuRX Allergy Services works together with you to create an allergy services solution that is ideal for your organization.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://services.incliniclabs.com/accurx/


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