PolkaCitizen offers people a chance to participate in the launch of Metaverse

Gamers can participate in the game through Defenders and Attackers

PolkaCitizens is an upcoming digital world that integrates free-roam experience with a gaming aspect. Prior to the launch of the PolkaCitizen’s augmented reality, there will be a release of Defenders and Attackers in the form of NFTs. These NFTs comprises 10,000 war characters. The proof of ownership to these non-fungible characters will be through the Ethereum network.

PolkaCitizens offers individuals an early chance to participate in the metaverse world through its unique NFTs comprising Defenders and Attackers. The NFT collection features four classes as follows:

  • Male Defenders (4500 characters)
  • Male Attackers (4500 characters)
  • Female Defenders (500 characters)
  • Female Attackers (500 characters)

The collection has 120 forms of characters and 10,000 NFTs. Gamers can distinguish Attackers from Defenders by their appearance. Whereas Defenders are armed with a green sabre, Attackers carry a red sword.

The team leaders of the PolkaCitizens includes Ilyas and Simon. Ilyas is the founder of this project. He is a progressive business leader and crypto investor. The founder is also a crypto advisor and creator. Simon is a developer with many years of experience in the blockchain industry.

The project’s roadmap has 4 main milestones: Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. Q1 features whitelisting, Q2 Pre-sale, Q3 Metaverse development, and Q4 Metaverse Launch (Beta).

Currently, the whitelisting is taking place now. The initial stage of the project is the launch of the Defenders and Attackers collection, which will allow users to engage in a battle within the Metaverse when launched.

For important updates about the project and information on how to mint the NFTs, follow our social media platforms and the project’s website.

Website: https://polkacitizens.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/polkacitizens

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/cjmByEMd

Instagram: https://instagram.com/polkacitizens

Company name: PolkaCitizens
Email: info@polkacitizens.com
City: London
Country: UK