Podiatrist Dr. Danielle Malin Shares Insights On Common Treatments For Foot And Ankle Pain

Columbia, TN – 33 joints, 26 bones, and hundreds of ligaments, muscles, and tendons. This is what makes up the foot, according to foot and ankle specialist Dr. Danielle Malin of Columbia, TN-based Premier Foot & Ankle Care. With so many moving parts, it’s easy to see how things might go wrong. And foot pain is no walk in the park. Fortunately, Dr. Malin says there are many ways to treat common issues.

People of all ages and physical fitness levels experience foot and ankle pain each year, says Dr. Danielle Malin. The board-certified podiatrist, who specializes in flatfoot treatment, heel pain treatment, bunion treatment, and plantar fasciitis surgery, sees thousands of cases of foot and ankle pain each year. But what causes it?

According to Dr. Malin, there are many reasons that a person might experience issues in the ankles or below. An ankle sprain is just one example. This happens during a fall or other trauma that moves the ankle from its natural position. As the ankle ligaments stretch, they can become torn and damaged.

Localized trauma is not the only reason the feet and ankles may require attention. Overuse of the Achilles tendon can cause tendinitis. Deformities and broken bones can also cause issues. Bunions are another foot deformity, which is often hereditary but can develop due to poor shoe choices. Bunion treatment may include over-the-counter splints or orthotics; in extreme cases, Dr. Malin may recommend bunion surgery.

Hammertoe is another common condition. Hammertoe treatment may include over-the-counter remedies or possible surgery.

Dr. Malin also offers treatment for flat feet. Unlike the other deformities listed above, people are often born with flat feet. While flat feet may not always be painful, Dr. Malin recommends evaluation if children complain about pain or achiness.

Dr. Malin recommends that people experiencing foot and ankle pain visit a podiatrist. While a general practitioner may be able to offer some advice, a podiatrist is specifically a foot and ankle doctor that has undergone extensive training in the form, function, and deformities of these areas.

Dr. Danielle Malin is the founder of Premier Foot & Ankle Care in Columbia, Tennessee. Her office specializes in foot and ankle pain, plantar warts, bunion treatment, and more. Visit her website for more information about different conditions treated or how to schedule an appointment.

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