Pleasant Hill CA Ankle Pain Relief – Joint Treatment/Rehabilitation Announced

The updated Bay Area Physical Therapy services include a range of orthopedic treatments available to help relieve joint pain resulting from accidents or sports-related injuries.

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Based in Pleasant Hill, California, the clinic can treat patients in and around the Bay Area with its newly announced foot and ankle rehabilitation, strength and conditioning physical therapy, and diagnostic services.

Ankle injuries are among the most common injuries, with an estimated 25,000 individuals spraining their ankle in the United States every day. The recommended treatment for this type of injury depends on what part of the ankle has been injured, such as the bone, ligament, or tendon, the severity of the damage, and whether the ankle is sprained or fractured.

Bay Area Physical Therapy helps its patients by ensuring they get the proper evaluations and the most appropriate treatment and rehabilitation following their ankle injuries. While basic stretching and strengthening exercises are suitable for milder sprains, immobilization and/or surgery may be needed for more severe cases where a fracture or ligament tear has occurred.

With their results-driven approach, the therapists at the Pleasant Hill clinic understand that all of their patients are unique and therefore conduct complete evaluations before treatments. Through this attention to detail, the therapists can determine the underlying issues for an ankle injury and provide the best recovery treatments for their patient’s specific needs.

Bay Area Physical Therapy is committed to providing exceptional care and effective treatment programs. The clinic offers diagnostic studies including Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSKUS), Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS), and Electromyography (EMG). These diagnostics studies can help determine the true cause of injuries, identify the tissues involved, and whether the nerves have been damaged or compromised. The clinic uses these tests to create a more precise treatment plan and improve patient outcomes. Physical Therapists recommend these studies when a patient’s condition and treatment plan would benefit from them.

Having been in practice for over 36 years, Bay Area Physical Therapy has been providing experienced and professional services to help improve the quality of life of its patients. The clinic’s therapists are trained in various techniques and treatment styles, such as Mulligan manual therapy, McKenzie, Gary Gray, Stanley Paris approaches, and Myofascial Release. At the same time, instrumental assisted therapy including Graston technique can also be an effective treatment for a variety of ankle injuries. The clinic also has found that Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy has been an effective adjunct to physical therapy treatment for acute and chronic ankle injuries because it enhances tissue healing and can help reduce pain and discomfort.

The Pleasant Hill clinic is a sister clinic to Lafayette Physical Therapy, allowing them to assist patients across the Bay Area and the surrounding areas. Both clinics are committed to improving function and movement for their patients through hands-on care.

A Bay Area Physical Therapy spokesperson said, “We provide patients and their families with health and healing through comprehensive therapy and education.”

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