Plano Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction | Biometric Face Pain Diagnosis Launch

The clinic’s new services employ advanced biometric tools such as a non-invasive Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA), T-Scans, and EMG analyses to treat TMJ disorders that cause facial pain. Oral facial pain in particular can often be traced back to dental injuries and may cause significant everyday difficulties for the affected patient.

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Millennium Smiles, a general, orthodontic, and cosmetic dentistry practice led by Dr. Dunia Korous, now provides advanced biometric diagnostics for patients whose TMJ disorders are causing pain, discomfort, and headaches – disrupting their quality of life. The most effective treatment protocols will depend on the nature of the disorder but may involve inflammation reduction therapies.

The clinic can rapidly tell the difference between healthy jaw joints and abnormal joints using advanced biometric analyses. These tests can help identify potential joint problems such as worn-down TMJ joint muscles – whose degeneration can result in headaches and facial pain.

For example, Millennium Smiles uses the latest Jaw Tracker to study the movement of patients’ jaws. This simple test will analyze the movement of the patient’s jaw and how his or her teeth align with one another. The results are used to determine what treatment is needed to avoid muscle strain, long-term pain, and other TMJ symptoms.

The clinic’s EMG device analyzes the electrical activity in the patient’s jaw muscles, measuring the activity in the muscles being used and again while at rest. Like the other biometric tests, such as the JVA, which detects vibrations in the temporomandibular joint – the procedure is brief and painless.

The biometric screening results will be used to develop a treatment plan. Millennium Smiles offers a variety of treatments for TMJ disorders including appliance and laser therapy. Laser therapy works by helping to relax the muscles, minimize inflammation, and alleviate the nerve pain caused by TMJ disorders.

At Millennium Smiles, a wide range of dental services are offered, such as periodontal and teeth-whitening care, urgent care, oral hygiene/cleaning, and implant dentistry. Additionally, the clinic uses specially designed dental appliances to treat sleep apnea in individuals with TMJ disorders.

One patient commented: “Millennium smiles is hands down the very best. Dental hygienist Lindsey is amazing, I go for her. But really the whole team from the desk all the way to Dr. Korous are really so thoughtful and supportive. If you don’t look forward to going to your dentist, then you should try mine.”

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