Plano Health Insurance Insurer To Discontinue Family Coverage in Texas

Plano health insurance in Affordable Care Act markets will no longer be offered in Texas by one major insurer, several reports suggest. Bright Health announced late in September that it is pulling out of more than a dozen states across the country, including Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Nebraska, and Florida, to name a few. This decision includes both individual and family plans, though the insurer mentioned that it would continue to offer coverage for existing customers through the end of the year. This means millions of Americans will need to find a new carrier, and there is no word if other states will continue to be impacted as Affordable Care Act open enrollment quickly gets underway.

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This is discouraging news for individuals and families with health insurance in Plano, though it is not the end of the world. There are currently thousands of insurers in the ACA marketplace that these Americans can turn to for coverage. With that said, discontinuation of coverage is never a good sign. According to Bright Health, members enrolled in impacted plans will receive discontinuation notices. Once received, they can visit for various tools and resources when it comes to choosing and enrolling in a new plan. Along with the latest news of discontinued services, Bright Health also announced that it is ending all Medicare Advantage plans outside of California and Florida. The hope for the company is that they seek profitable growth at much lower risk, the organization said.

Rick Thornton, a Plano health insurance agent, said while finding out that an insurer will no longer offer coverage is unfortunate news, the biggest piece of advice is to remain actively involved in whatever plan is available. The last thing any American should do is let the marketplace pick a plan at random.

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