Plano Emergency Dentist 24/7 For Injured & Missing Teeth: Treatments Updated

The clinic’s updated services allow patients who have injured or chipped their teeth due to an accident or sports injury to receive immediate assistance at the fully-equipped and top-rated practice. Accidents (auto, falling down) and sports injuries in particular often cause teeth displacement, loose crowns, or jawbone problems that require emergency care.

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Millennium Smiles, a full-service general and cosmetic dental clinic serving Collin County, now also provides dental implants for patients missing one or more teeth. Medical-grade and bio-friendly titanium implants present a superior long-term solution for patients with missing teeth, as they look, feel, and behave just like the person’s natural teeth.

Patients who walk into an emergency room at a hospital are typically given antibiotics or painkillers and instructed to phone their dentist, but few facilities maintain dentists on site. Furthermore, it is forbidden for anybody other than a dentist to perform an emergency root canal, an emergency tooth extraction, or any other type of dental procedure in an emergency room. Painful swelling, persistent bleeding, and fractured jaws are some of the most commonly reported dental emergencies – as well as missing teeth.

For individuals experiencing severe pain and/or who need tooth extractions, Millennium Smiles maintains the technology and expertise to repair any damage and replace missing or broken teeth in a timely manner.

In the event of emergency dental treatment for teeth that have been knocked out, Millennium Smiles may apply temporary crowns in advance of full implant treatment – once any other accident-related issues have been diagnosed and attended to. These crowns present an aesthetically pleasing option for the patient while he or she awaits full dental restoration.

The most reliable and realistic-feeling tooth replacement option is dental implants. They can be applied to a full upper or lower set of teeth, a few missing teeth, or just one tooth. These days, implants are regarded as the gold standard for high-end dental care because they can help to prevent facial ‘drooping,’ bone loss, and gum disease.

One patient commented: “Amazing clinic with amazing staff and a doctor who knows how to treat her patients right. Thanks to Yasmin, Lindsey, and Dr. Korous for being so polite, patient and working to give this profession such a humane touch. I am going to recommend them to all of my friends.”

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