Pigeon Removers Warns Of The Dangers Of Bird Droppings Making People Sick

The pigeon and bird problem in the Bay Area seems to be getting worse. The problem of pesky pigeons can have serious consequences when not managed correctly. They spread disease, damage roofs and cause a general mess during their visits.

The owner Dan Ghilarducci says, “We know that pigeons and swallows are a big problem throughout the Bay Area and can be challenging for business owners and homeowners who are dealing with these pesky birds. We offer humane bird removal, damage remediation and cleanup, and we install the most effective bird deterrent product for each individual situation.”

Some of the best solutions for controlling and deterring nuisance birds include:

Bird Spikes are stainless steel or polycarbonate strips feature prongs that make it difficult for birds to land and create a physical barrier against them. They can be used on windowsills, fences, and other surfaces to prevent birds from roosting there. Bird spikes are cost-effective, humane deterrents that provide protection without harming the birds. They’re also extremely low maintenance: all it takes is some occasional cleaning with soap and water to keep them functioning properly.

Bird gels like hot foot are another great deterrent . They are a safe, non-toxic material that is applied to surfaces and act as an irritant to birds. The gel has been proven to be effective at deterring pigeons, seagulls, geese and other nuisance birds from roosting on a property. Bird gels are a humane bird control option as they do not harm the birds in any way and can provide long-term protection against pests.

Bird netting prevents birds from entering certain areas, and is an effective bird control solution where a physical barrier is required. Bird netting can be used on balconies, rooftops, and other areas to keep birds away. It’s also highly visible and easy to install.

Bird slides are another popular option that offers a humane and eco-friendly solution to bird control. These devices are designed to discourage birds from landing on surfaces like windowsills and ledges by installing an angled device that makes the surface area slippery and difficult for birds to grip with their feet.

Pigeon Removers suggests that property owners and property managers schedule a free consultation to discuss their specific bird problem. Pigeon Removers knows how difficult it can be to deter birds from nesting on the buildings in and around the San Francisco Bay area. They suggest that property owners and property managers schedule a free consultation to discuss their specific bird problem.

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