Phunware Revolutionizes The Way Developers & Consumers Interact & Build Applications  

Since the inception of cryptocurrency, developers have worked towards creating creative solutions with blockchain technology to solve issues typical banking establishments simply could not fix fundamentally due to their design by nature.

Phunware (NASDAQ: PHUN) is a publicly-traded mobile and blockchain technology company that helps brands engage, manage and monetize their mobile application audiences, bridging the gap between app developers and their customers.

Recently $PHUN had a spike in notoriety in October during the Trump SPAC wave and was identified as a meme stock by retail investors on Robinhood and Reddit, which can naturally propel awareness and notoriety.

In the world of cryptocurrency, getting this kind of attention through social media hype and trends can propel a token into the stratosphere.

Tokens that tend to perform the best in terms of long term growth and longevity are typically sought after due to their actual utility and real world use-cases.

Phunware has spent more than a decade helping top brands establish mobile ecosystems that are designed to better engage unique audiences by ensuring every interaction is contextual with its Multiscreen-as-a-Service enterprise cloud platform (i.e. MaaS).

By leveraging blockchain technology, Phunware has the opportunity to deliver solutions that can not only authenticate and compensate who is being engaged (i.e. PhunCoin), but also incentivize engagement (i.e. PhunToken) by giving consumers better control over their data and their relationship with brands.

When it comes to data and privacy, most people can agree it’s a hot topic in the past few years with companies like Meta (i.e. Facebook) having to dial back it’s consumption of consumer data because in many instances it was proven to overstep regulatory and commercial boundaries.

In order to fully realize this potential, Phunware is commercializing a truly decentralized data economy that requires both a persistent mobile-first connection to consumers (i.e. PhunWallet) and the infrastructure required to support a decentralized oracle network (i.e. Lyte by Phunware) capable of managing consent and delivering first- party data without the need for an intermediary.

These measures ensure the privacy and experience of the consumer is of the utmost importance.

If you would like to learn more about Phunware and how it plans to expand its efforts into 2022 and beyond, give them a follow on Instagram & Twitter (@Phunware) as well as on Telegram (@PhunPham) and do your due diligence. Additional information can be found on their website